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Recent posts by Youcef Saidani

Hi everyone,

This morning I was able to see and download a copy of the Examination Score Report at personvue.
Here is a copy of the report :

Your Score: 391 Passing Score: 320 Result: Pass

Congratulations! You have achieved the highest level of Java Certification one can achieve. You are among the
elite group of individuals who can call themselves a Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master. Your new
Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master credential is being processed. This credential will be mailed to
you at the address we have on file for you in your testing profile. Please check your profile at for your most current mailing address.
Details of a passing score are not displayed in order to maintain test security. This score report is the only
information you will be provided.
On behalf of Oracle University, congratulations!

Oracle Certification Program Information
To review Certification requirements and find out about Oracle University's recommended training to prepare for Certification
Exams, visit
To view your Exam and Certification history, and verify your Certification to third parties, visit
To opt-in to receive the Oracle Certification E-Magazine, visit
To view the Oracle Certification Program blog, visit

Best regards
8 years ago
Hi everyone,

This morning, I received from Oracle the following message:

Hi Youcef,
Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6 Developer certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java professionals who have gone on to achieve the Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6 Developer certification. You have received a passing score. Passing grades do not receive a score, just the pass. A failing grade will receive section level scoring so that a candidate may isolate the area of failure and resubmit their assignment. Numeric scores are only provided on failures.

We kindly request you to allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery of your certification success kit. Thank you for all your efforts with this certification, and good luck in your future endeavors with Java.
Please let us know if we may provide further assistance. Also include your Testing ID in all your mails so that we may assist you with your request at the earliest.
OCP Team

That said, I would like to share a few information about my personal experience which may interest future candidates.

I- Delay in grading
    -  I submitted the assignment on 22nd Sept and took the essay exam on 23rd Sept .
    -  Received the notification from Oracle (early this morning) on the 4th October.

II- Main materials
II-1 Forum
   - This forum - this is the best place to prepare for this certification (Thanks everyone in the forum).
II-2 Books
   -  SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition by Andrew Monkhouse and Terry Camerlengo (Thanks to the authors).
   -  Demystifying the OCMJD Certification by Roberto Perillo (Thanks to the author).
II-3 Tools
   -  By Roberto Perillo (Thanks to the author).
      o The database file reader :
      o Tests for the Data class/locking mechanism :
   -  By Roel De Nijs (Thanks to the author)
      o Submission Jar: test case + Ant build script :
      o Test your business service :

III- A few key points about my implementation
    -  Three tier architecture ( presentation layer, business service layer, persistence layer)
    -  userguide.txt = 20 KB (381 lines)
    -  choices.txt = 35 KB (792 lines)
    -  Reformatted the supplied DB interface.
    -  Provided package comments for every package using source file called
    -  Created my own interface which extends the supplied interface.
    -  In my own interface, I defined new useful methods and refined the exceptions that might be thrown, in six methods.
    -  Decided to make the data class not a singleton (IMHO, this is the best approach).
    -  Synchronized all the public methods of the data class.
    -  Used an utility class to read dynamically the database file schema.
    -  Implemented a shutdown hook (when the Data class is constructed).
    -  Implemented a cache.
    -  Used System.nanoTime() for cookie.
    -  Didn’t reuse deleted records.
    -  Validated the String[] parameter against the database file schema.
    -  Used regular expressions.
    -  Used two transfer objects.
    -  Filtering by name, by location, by name AND location.
    -  Did not implement the 48 h.
    -  For the server I used RMI (generated the stub explicitly).
    -  Implemented record locking mechanism for both local and remote modes.
    -  Used the java 6 default look and feel.
    -  Used FlowLayout, BorderLayout, and GridBagLayout.
    -  Used a class to hold all text messages.
    -  Validated every user entry.
    -  Implemented DocumentFilter (created two implementations : one to control the maximum digits, and the other one to control the maximum length of characters).
    -  Created my custom table mode (overridden five methods and created two new useful methods)
    -  No MVC pattern.

IV- A high level overview about the code I implemented.

Thanks to all once again, and good luck to those who are still awaiting the results.

Best regards

Y. S.
8 years ago
Dear Icaro,

Icaro Dourado wrote:
Your path to succeed it was great although I am convinced it was a bit hard, wasn´t it?

Every certification has a cost in terms of time, effort, preparation, books, mocks and so forth. The important thing to remember is that once certified, we feel satisfied because we get rewarded for our effort.

Icaro Dourado wrote:
I am planning to pass this same exam but I won´t have so much time to perform it.
Since you´ve got this great 100% score, I´d like to ask you some opinion on how everybody else could achieve around 80% without much previous experience (my actual desire)

I think this certification is not so hard, we’re not reinventing the wheel, or going on instinct. A lot concerning this certification has been discussed on this forum. So, we get solid and sufficient feedback to organize our preparation, and to adapt it depending on our goals for this certification.
Based on my experience, here are some suggestions and key points (it’ not a ready-made solution) that may allow everybody to secure a descent score in this certification and at the same time avoid to spend more time than needed.

I- Remember
   - Be motivated AND TAKE YOUR TIME to understand the concepts.
   - Try to memorize the concepts by DOING (write lot of code).
   - Identify your weak points and study them again and again.
II- Books
   - EJB3 in Action.
   - OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0.
   - For security, transactions and exceptions I would recommend HF EJB(even though it is for the old certification).
III Tutorials
   - Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide.
IV Mocks
   - Enthuware.
     Very helpful and pretty close to the real exam.
     Don’t forget to spend lot of time on reading and understanding the explanations and looking in depth the answers to the question which you answered wrong.
     You have an indicator average Scores of the users of EJB+ V5* here :

v Random Tips :

   - The exam wasn’t so tough.
   - For me the questions were distributed over objectives.
   - I’ve got two drag and drop questions (very easy).
   - Time is more than enough.
   - No ambiguous questions.
   - If you don’t know the answer to a question, try to narrow down the options to one or two possible answers before selecting the answer.
   - There are many straightforward questions in the exam for which you immediately know the right answer.

Hope it will help you!
Study Hard and Good Luck!

Best Regards.
Youcef Saidani
Hi Everyone,

Cleared yesterday (Saturday, March 5, 2011) CX-310-091 (SCBCD5 /OCPEJBCD5) with 100 % .


  First Step :
    - I started by reading EJB3 in Action.
    - For transactions, security and exceptions I read Head First EJB (for the old certification).
    - I closed this step by doing some coding (I mainly used the examples given at the end of the tutorial of Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide ).

 Second Step:
   - I read Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide(Great compilation , Thank you Mikalai) chapter by chapter in this order( 7, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 2, 3, 4, 11, 1).
   AND For each chapter I do the following:
        - Read OReilly Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0.
        - Did the exercises at the end of the book.
        - Practised Enthuware custom tests(I used the Custum test option, so I created 11 custom tests one for each chapter) .
          I RE-TAKED these custom tests until I feel comfortable with all the concepts. For the questions which I answered wrongly, I made several searches (on this form, in the specs).
        - For JPA I used JPA I Pro EJB 3: Java Persistence API (As a reference book)

   - At the end of each chapter and before moving to a new chapter, I wrote lot of code, this helped me to reinforce the concepts I learned.
   - For security and MDB I built my own examples based on the Ivan Krizsan's OCPEJBD 6 (CX-311-093) study notes (Thank you Ivan).
   - I used the following environments : started with Eclipse, JBoss , and Derby , THEN moved to GlassFish, Mysql and NetBeans.

  Third Step :
   - A few days before the exam I practised Enthuware’s standard tests(Which are quite similar to the real things in the real exam).

I hope this will help.

Best Regards
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