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Recent posts by kavita vala

ok thanks for replay

If any difficulty comes i will post for that
11 years ago
I have used the simple web service and i am aware of this.

But in my java application use different frameworks like spring and ibatis

In that case how can i use my java application on server side.
11 years ago

I am new in android development.
I have a java web application which use spring and hibernate framework.
I want to know that, is it possible to bind this java application with android application.
Like, should i use java application as a server side and use android as client side to create mobile application.

Thanks in advance
11 years ago

Hello Everyone

I want to call stored procedure without mapping file of ibatis(XML).

I am trying

But it throws exception its not return me temp_table as return value. I am not able to call the procedure.

Please help me
Thanks in advance
Hello all i want o disable back button using javascript when user logout.

I do it using

But it goes one page back. On next click on back it goes back to index page.
Than how can i totally disable back button or give any page ref. to back button.

How can i do this
I know

but it is not working in mozilla. Is that any other way to open a page in new tab
I am using ajex to take url from database and than i want to redirect it on new tab.
How it is possible using javascript using

But this code open url in same page than how to open it into new tab

Thanks in advance
I know if i set it into session it gives me the value but how it use in <display-table>
Can you give me please example
I am using <display:table> tag to display my content because of its good look and inbuilt
pagination facility.
My code is given bello

In above code "investorlisting" is set into request .

I want to set it into session like session.setAttribute("investorlisting" , investorlisting);
than how can i take value from session in <display:table>
I get alert and all functionality but cant able to only set focus to text field
I have a problem with javascript focus()

I have a html page in which i have

And a javascript file isgiven below

So in above code i cant able to get focus in text field.
What can i do please help me.

I have a arraylist which contains objects

In serv object i have different listing fields like name , email, postedate etc.
I have to sort this arraylist by postedate .

I do not want to write it in query because on later stage i divide this arraylist in two
different category.

How can i do it.

Please help for that
Thanks in advance .
13 years ago
Thanks for replay but i have not a single link.
I have 3 links in my program to handle that's why i want some built in property
to disable link for temporary.
I have a hyper link which is click and then i want to disable it with the help of javascript

Once i click on Investor Listing and then i want to disable it

Please help me.
It works for if some field is empty but in regular flow if
any user fill all the details then its not submit the value to the servlet
because i use return to the on click event .

If there is another way to stop refreshing if some fields are empty
and also my data will submit to servlet if all fields are filled.

Than please help me for that.