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Recent posts by Vijayalakshmi Karthikeyan

I am new to scala. just started learning scala. I just wanted to create a Hello world servlet using scala.

I just followed these steps.

1) created a dynamic web project
2) in the .project did the below mentioned changes. After which i got 'S' on the top of the project instead of 'J'
3) Created a scala class with the below code.
4) added the entry in web.xml.
But I am getting HTTP 500 ===> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: HelloServlet

.project file

scala class



12 years ago
I am also interested..
Still I am unable to resolve it.. Please help
12 years ago
Hi, I followed two methods,
Method 1
1) Downloaded the plugin from
Copied the following in eclipse directory

A) features files under features -- 1)net.sf.eclipse.portlet_0.2.0.v201002021452.jar
B) Other jars which are copied under eclipse 1) artifacts.jar 2) content.jar
C) plugins files under plugins 1) net.sf.eclipse.portlet.core_0.2.0.v201002021450.jar 2) net.sf.eclipse.portlet.ui.editor_0.2.0.v201002021450.jar 3) net.sf.eclipse.portlet.ui_0.2.0.v201002021450.jar 4) net.sf.eclipse.portlet_0.2.0.v201002021450.jar

Then i restarted eclipse.
After these steps i did not find an option to create a portlet.
Method 2
Help --> Install new software----> New local ---> gave the location of the download directory.. I got the portal tools core install option. Then I gave next and installed it. But still I am not getting the option to create a portlet. I am not sure in which step i am wrong.

Please help me in setting up the environment for developing portlets
12 years ago
I resolved it,.,. There was a problem in web.xml... Thank you..
12 years ago
I tried creating a bottom up approach.
Environments used : Axis, Eclipse, Tomcat 6.

I just went through this link as it is

Steps I did : After loading axis run time..
1) Created a dynamic web project , Created a class.
2) Created a web service using file -> new -> other -> web service option..
3) Run on server.

But I'm getting HTTP 404 error when i ran the project.

Please help me..

12 years ago
Hi all,
Can we create a connection pooling for multiple database. If possible Can you please guide me with sample code..
Hi .
Am very sorry for late reply.
The form was fully dynamic and they were using some inner HTML.
Mistake was on my side. I have given wrong name. I found and corrected it.
Thank you all. .
I have a dynamic page
I just want to disable a field based on a selection of combo box..

Here is my code

On the view source-->

But it is not working. 1st alert gives me false and second alert gives me true. But on the page it is not disabled.

Can any one guide me
It is defined on the page

String operation = session.getAttribute("Operation").toString();
Where this operation has a value as "add"

Iam missing single quotes. So i tried to give directly as
If i give like that am getting an error as Attribute add has no value in the console. I dono how should i pass the string into the function.
Kindly help me
In the browser it is like

Where add is the value of operation.. Am getting an error like add is undefined.. Am not sure why am getting this error..
This is the actual code

In which metaInfo.getColumnValidator() refers to check function in java script.

Opertaion and rowCnt are a java variables....

Please be sure to use code tags when posting code to the forums

Thank you.

What is check in the function onChangeWrapper?

Check is another javascript function that is used to validation

In my last post i have given a wrong function arguments. Please consider this
onchange="onChangeWrapper(check(this,"+operation+", "+rowcnt+"));
I am just calling a java script function on change of value in drop down box.

<% String operation=request.getAttribute("operation");
int rowcnt=((Integer)idx).intValue;

onchange="onChangeWrapper(check(this,"+add+", "+rowcnt+"));

Have written functions in seperate js file. While loading am getting javascript undefined error in


Could any one guide me