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Recent posts by Malatesh Karabisti

Seems your insert statement is has errors Ex
9 years ago
The difference is between old and new api

see this
New Api
use "context" object to communicate with mapReduce system

Old Api
JobCon , the OutputCollecto and the Reporter object used for communicate with Map reduce System

hope that helps
9 years ago
As far as I know, JAVA EE specification does't talk about share the data between two web application context. You can't share data either in Request or Response object. You may have reconsider you design.

Hope that helps.
9 years ago
As far as I know We can have parent and child application context for example in an web application you can have 1) applicationContext.xml and 2) spring-servlet.xml xml. 1# context is parent and 2#context is child


spring-servlet.xml xml

in the child context you can refer to the bean which is specified in the parent context.
Hope that helps
9 years ago
To give some hints, there is memory called 'String constant pool' when you do this object will be created in string pool.
9 years ago
Looks like this is the issue of Maven and Eclipse, Please post your question on build tool forum.
9 years ago
you don not instantiate new contexts in controller. The context has already configured by Spring, try this

hope that helps.
9 years ago
Seems like cache of .class file, See the error

Unknown column 'First' in 'field list'

, which means your JVM sending column as 'First', MYSQL is not able to identify this column name, Make sure you clean, recompile and run.
I think you are testing the application through browser, can you please post the request and response header ?. You can capture these header using the rest clients like 'Rest Console' or any other Rest service clients.
10 years ago
I have solved like this.

wls:/nm/mydomain> prps = makePropertiesObject("weblogic.ListenPort=8001")
wls:/nm/mydomain> nmStart("AdminServer",props=prps)
11 years ago
Hi All,

I am trying to automate the build and deployment in weblogic server, using nodemanger and wlst I am doing start/stop of server like nmStart('servername') and nmKill('servername'), I don't have any issue with starting servers but I need to pass java options during the start up like -Dkey=value.

I know it can be done by adding the JAVA_OPTIONS in, But I don't want to modify this scipt.

Can any body please suggest on passing the java options in wlst.

11 years ago
Hi All,

I have to execute the shell command from ant script which interactively ask for user input.

Can any body please suggest on how can I prompt for user input from the <exec or any other way ?

11 years ago
Thanks sudipto for spending your time on this. I will explore on that
11 years ago
Hi All,

I need to write the Diagnostic log framework for our application. Basically I need to store the information about the error like userid , session id ... in the file/database which should be configurable.

Can any body please suggest about the available weblogic/open source Diagnostic log frameworks ?

11 years ago