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Originally posted by San Tiruvan:
I have personally employed fresh graduate in front of more qualified people because they were more likely to fit into the team than the more qualified person.
Experience is the obvious thing that employers look for, but it is not always the deciding factor.
Boy!!! am I glad to know that there are people who think like you do too....

Well, Well... I'd be dying for all that exposure for even $5/hr... Anybody out there?
21 years ago
I have recently cleared my third (SCWCD) cert. I have decided to go for both IBM-141 and IBM-483 (Enterprise Java Connectivity; EJBs), but I want to take up the 'easier' one first; the one that could be done in the shortest possible time.
I would be grateful for advice from anybody who has done both or knows about both.
Thank you.
Hi Eesha,
Cheer up! The same thing happened to me in IBM-486 (Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML). I had really prepared hard for the exam, but only got 61%. I, too, got very depressed but nothing could be achieved from negative thoughts... so I pulled myself together and retook the exam only 11 days after failing. You can imagine the delight I got when I raised my head reluctantly and saw 'green'! I still cherish passing that exam, even in 2nd attempt, as I know many who failed 3 or 4 times!
This brings us to another point: Passing IBM exams is always more difficult than others'. You ought to know what IBM expects the answer to be, rather than what the books say!
So, cheer up. I know we'll soon hear the happy news from you!
Congrats! Hard work always pays.
Dear Faiza, Jawwad, Ashik, Prasanna, Madhav,
Thanks a lot, all of you. This is the reason JavaRanch is no.1... You never are alone; it's like being surrounded by close friends!
Prasanna, I'll have to take the exam again to decide how the filling-in of the survey form affects the standard of the questions! Supposing you sent me a free voucher...
I just filled the information honestly, which, in my case turned out to be that I had very little experience with servlets and JSP, if any!
Faiza, there were exactly 5 questions on 'The Servlet Container Model', (I just checked the transcript). Nothing much, just the ordinary stuff. I think Miftah's notes and jweb+ should be ok, though if you are aiming for 90+, taking a deeper look at the API wont hurt.
Yes, I tried to cram the methods of the important classes/interfaces but failed to cram anything at all! I rather tried to associate methods and interfaces; thought which method should be where and why it should be there, and only concentrated on the important methods. I had the notion that Sun would be asking more about the primary methods, without which, one could not write a workable servlet. The idea goes like this...if you can't write and deploy a servlet, there is no point in knowing the 'lesser' ones that you'd be using later to fine-tune your servlet.
One of the best and the least original advice I can give you all is to work hard. Hard work always pays. Honestly, I am a lazy person and dont give as much to exam prep as most other people do. God has blessed me with quite a high IQ (tested by Mensa Int'l), and I depend much on it. In the end, it almost always happens that the one who has put in some real effort wins! I just manage to hang around the borders.
May you all score 100% in your exams!
Thanks Manju,
Your posting came later, so couldn't add you name previously.
Thanks Mark, Axel.
Axel thanks for the invaluable info! I might have wasted my money on an obsolete product. Yes I cannot hope to install 512 mb ram on my computer or download WAS on a 33.6 k modem! How could I go about it? Another option is Oracle JDeveloper, which by the way is an alternate to VAJ on JCert and could earn me an Oracle Cert. Sol. Developer. Any news on that? How would you rate IBM-483?
Great job!
Are you from Karachi?
Well done man! I knew you would do it!
Keep it up!
...I passed!
Not a great score though (just 77%), but all glory be to God, who made even this possible.
Also,lots of thanks to you guys for all your help and moral support. Javaranch is certainly the best forum I have ever come across!
Throughout the day today, or rather yesterday as it is past midnight here in Karachi, I was so tense - read the whole day without being able to concentrate and gained nothing. Everything I had prepared seemed lost, and I was certain to fail. Then, half an hour before the exam, I pulled myself together and put all faith in our Creator, and went out to the Center.
I must say you guys had scared me out of my skin - with all that talk of how difficult the questions had become, the exam being more difficult than SCJP, etc., etc... Combine with this, the fact that I have had no experience with either servlets or JSPs and I'm a lousy student when it comes to exam prep.
For my exam prep., I did not even manage to read one book completely! Just skimmed through a few initial chapters of Jason Hunter's Java Servlet Programming, learned to run tomcat 3.2, and simply typed-in a few servlets from the book to get the hang of it. Apart from that, I studied from Wrox's Professional Java Server Programming that has about 6 chapters in all on servlets and JSPs - did not read one chapter from first to last line, but rather peeped here and there. Most of my servlets prep. was done from Miftah Khan's excellent notes. Had also downloaded Ken's and Michelle's notes but never got up to the point of reading them. Used all the mocks available free. FAILED in Anand Chawla's excellent mock and in SCWCD@Whiz' trial exam just a couple of days ago! Got good marks in JavaRanch's mock and SCWCD@whiz' quiz (both excellent, but quite easy), and managed to pass JWebPlus' mock with a mere 65%. JSPs, I studied entirely from wrox's book mentioned above, and I feel it's a great book. You just have to read 5 or 6 chapters, that's around 250 pages in all, and that's it! Looking at my score now, I feel if I had been able to read those chapters, start to end, a couple of times, along with Miftah's notes, I might have gained at least another 15% to 20%...but who knows!
To all those ranchers still waiting to take the exam, I'll just say:
"Come on folks, what are you waiting for! Waiting for Sun to change the format? If you feel you've done more prep than I did, just go get it! It's by far, the easiest exam from Sun you'll ever give... not at all comparable to SCJP..."
As for the real exam, it's difficult for me to remember how many questions of each objective there were, apart from a few, but I can assure you that the weightage was similar to that indicated in JWebPlus. There were exactly 4 questions on design patterns, of which I got three correct. Only one of them was apparently related to other patterns like front controller. all of them were quite simple, though. There were more questions on Sessions than there were on Contexts. Questions on JSPs (excluding Beans, Tags and Custom Tag Libraries) were not as numerous as I would have hoped for, and only one or two questions on Reusable Web Components. All in all, it was a pretty easy and straight-forward paper. Nothing as tricky as SCJP2 exam. Only one or two exhibits, and those too quite petite.
I would suggest the following minimalistic resource kit for anyone wishing to start preparing for the exam and getting gr8 marks too!:
1. Pro. Java Server Programming J2EE Edition, Volume 2 by Wrox P2P - chapters 7 thru 12
2. servlet and JSP specs - Only to verify for changes in servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 specs
3. Miftah Khan's servlet study notes + JSP notes (only for design patterns)
4. JWeb+ (by far the best and closest to the real thing)
5. Anand Chawla's mock - if you can pass it in first go, you're in gr8 shape!
6. JavaRanch mock - use this as a starter.
7. Take active part in JavaRanch's SCWCD forum
8. Study intelligently - no need to cram, rather associate things, look for similarities. [Hint]Almost all methods with plural names return an Enumeration object.
9. About one month's prep time. You could reduce it to two weeks though!
10. Dont be afraid to take the plunge.
P.S. This plan is meant for certification purpose only. If you wish to gain expertise in developing gr8 web components, much more effort would be required.
Well folks this is about as honest and as short a report I could put forward for ya all!
Good luck to all of you!
P.S. I would like to once again thank all the ranchers who have directly, or indirectly helped me to achieve this landmark, viz. Chintan Rajyaguru, Ashik uzzaman, ersin eser, Guy Allard, Mark Spritzler, Axel Janssen, JiaPei Jen and Vamsidhar Chenepalli for your help and moral support. I would also like to thank Miftah Khan, Michelle and Ken for letting other ranchers share their invaluable resources and Anand Chawla and Carl and his team for their excellent mocks.
P.P.S. What certification should I pursue next, IBM-141 or IBM-483? How about VisualAge for Java 4.0 (that would earn me IBM Certified Solution Developer as I already am SCJP and OOAD(IBM-486)
[ February 08, 2002: Message edited by: Ijlal Jinnah ]
Yes, Guy, I think you are missing something here. The title of the article says it all:
"JSP.5.1 Uses for XML Syntax for JSP Pages"
"A JSP page in either syntax can include via a directive a JSP page in either syntax. It is not valid, however, to intermix standard JSP syntax and XML syntax inside the same source file."
It simply means that it is not valid to write both type of 'syntaxes' for a tag that has both the versions available, e.g.
<%= new java.util.Date()%> // std. JSP Syntax
<jsp:expression>new java.util.Date()</jsp:expression> // invalid if used with above.
This is in cases where standard JSP syntax and XML equivalent are both available and as such does not apply to your example where <jsp:useBean/> is the only available, or standard syntax!
Well this is what I gathered from the specs. I might be wrong though!
Thanks all of you...but what about the survey stuff???
Hi all,
I have decided to take the plunge today! :roll: I am quite nervous, though and would greatly appreciate any final hints (not the questions, of course!).
I have been told that there is a survey before the actual test starts... and that the actual exam is compiled after you have answered the survey; that the standard of questions you get depends on how you answer that survey! Is that so? ...it seems foolish to ask though, but many of my friends insist!
Actually I am taking the exam with far less prep than most of you, the goal being to get certified as I have to meet a deadline. I can continue to gain expertise later.
So, guys and gals, I do need a lot of good wishes from you all
By the way, anybody else with me today? See ya all after around 20 hrs!
Regards to all of ya good folk! Bye...
Yes I have taken the exam twice in the same session, or rather did most of it the second time but did not want to get another 100%, so I quit
What a shame we cannot test our knowledge in a meaningful way as the questions are of good standard, albeit easy...and many of the objectives are not covered.
I have already taken the JavaRanch mock 4 times. Got 80%, 88%, 96% and now 100% ...and why shouldn't I? After all its the same 25 questions that keep on repeating
Could anybody reflect on that please.