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i would like to ask, if there are many questions on the deployment descriptor ?

Today I've passed OCEWCD 6 (1Z0-899) with 96% and I would like to quickly share my experience.

I did it the way everyone is doing it and so can prove it works:

1. Head First Servlets & JSP - read it twice thoroughly and once more to recap in the last week.
2. Servlet 3.0 Spec - I initially wanted to only read the chapters on Async Processing, Annotations & Pluggability, Security, Annotations and Resource Injection. But after that I actually read it whole. It gives you a lot of deep knowledge and was quite enjoyable to read. Furthemore some things like exception handling are only described here. So generally, if you find a question in Enthuwares' tests and not in Head First, you know where to look.
3. API Reference - you can't go without reading all the stuff in javax.servlet, javax.servlet.http, javax.servlet.annotation and doing a lot of coding.
4. Enthuware - i was shocked how similar these tests are to the real exam. Some questions were exactly the same. I was scoring roughly 90% on these to get the confidence.

Generally there was not much surprise on the exam itself after doing all the Enthuware tests.

All in all, it took me one and half months of after work studies with not a lot prior experience in Servlets and zero in JSPs.

Today, I can start preparation for the EJB certification..
10 years ago
Hi Kumar,

may I ask, what do you mean by standard and classic tags ?

By standard you mean JSTL ? Like c:something ? And by classic you mean jsp:something ?
10 years ago
Hi Paul,

thank you for your answer, it really looks like a good plan, will definitely do as you suggest it. I've already bought your tests few days ago, so it all fits together.

Thanks again,
Hi guys,

I would like to ask if the specification is really needed for the exam, if the book (Pro JPA 2) is not enough. If the spec is needed, which chapters in particular are not covered in the book ?

My background: 2 years experience with JPA but I feel comfortable in that matter.

Thank you very much!

I have spent hours today browsing this forums to create a learning path for the OCE JEE6 JSP & Servlets Developer exam (1Z0-894) and would like to ask you for any comments.

My Plan:
1. Head First Servlets and JSP
2. Servlet 3.0 Specification
3. Enthuware Mock Exam
4. Nullhouse Mock Exam

Is this correct ?

Now, a question on removed topics.

As far as i know custom tag development was removed from the objectives. Is this correct ? Can i skip the whole Chapter 10 in HFSJ book (100 pages) ?
Are there any other topics that were removed ?

Thank you in advance!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

@Threads: I think only the objective on wait, notify, notifyAll was removed.
FYI.. in both cases you are trying to change state of a non-existing object. As the array was never created (initialized if you like) you are actually saying:
Isn't it because the VM actually creates three objects on the heap that to certain extent live autonomous lifes ?
Hi there,

I just came across an interesting (at least for me) one that i would like to share.

This obviously won't compile:

But this will, as the null will be boxed to Integer, and you will get.. Of course, NumberFormatException at runtime.

Thank you Lokesh! I think ill stick to my plan then and take Software Development with me and read the other books in that order when i come back.

Thank you all again !
12 years ago
Thank you for your answers.

@jeanne: is there a sequence, like should i read one of the books before others ? currently i'm thinking about this, but im not sure about first two - which one first.

1. Software Development
2. Object Oriented Design & Analysis
3. Design Patterns
4. JSP & Servlets
12 years ago
Hi there,

i'm just finishing the HF Java book and i've already ordered 3 more HF books - Design Patterns, Object Oriented Design & Analysis and Software Development and i would like to ask for any recommendations on which of these books should i pick next ? Also, is any of these books suitable for bringing it on holiday where i won't have a computer - so is any of these such that i won't need to code a lot when reading it ?

Thank you very much !
12 years ago
Hi guys,

i'm preparing for SCJA and i would like to ask you for some advice.

I have the McGraw-Hill's book. But im not sure about the extend to which the book covers certain topics.

Specifically there are only 2 (two) pages on EJB. Is this enough for the exam ?
13 years ago