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Recent posts by Andrew Thompson

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I've been seeing our version for days.

Admittedly, I have only been checking it on & off. OTOH I am in Australia and it takes a while for the changes to 'trickle through' the DNS chain.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:The important thing is that everyone sees it by March 1st when your version goes down!

(checks watch) I'd guess we're well placed to see that happen. Good work.

8 years ago

Andrew Thompson wrote:How is the domain transfer & address redirection coming along? I'm still seeing the old document at

I am now seeing the new version of the document at
8 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Thank you for making this a trivial activity for me.

Thanks for your efforts at getting it to its new home.

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I've uploaded the new page.

Yes, that looks good.

How is the domain transfer & address redirection coming along? I'm still seeing the old document at
8 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

Andrew Thompson wrote:How about I provide as (code formatted) text, an HTML 5 validated version of the document with the changes I suggested earlier, but keeping the new hosting info.?

Sure. My biggest problem at the moment is lack of time. If you send the new page to me, I'll replace it.


Statistics comparing the old and new forms of the document. The new document is around 40% less 'page downs' and over 50% less to download.


The HTML 5 (validated) source of the newer form.

8 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:..We just changed the hosting info..

That is subtle.

How about I provide as (code formatted) text, an HTML 5 validated version of the document with the changes I suggested earlier, but keeping the new hosting info.?

HTML 5 is definitely the way forward.
8 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:..We'll probably decide that in March.

Yes, that is fine. No rush.
8 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Step one completed: (document available at coderanch URL)

It is looking like a very faithful reproduction. Now we need to trim some things, make a few updates and make it 'at home' here.


  • I'd remove the row of links at the top. They really serve no purpose, given the list almost immediately below.
  • The last three sections: Contributors, Promoters & Version History as well as..
  • The Bibliography (that information could be in-lined where the term is defined)
  • All the 'bottom' of page links to mirrors etc. (one mirror at algafield seems to have disappeared, and the other won't be a mirror for long).

  • Updates:

  • Under Short section "stop reading by 20Kb, and start complaining at 30Kb.". That is a wildly huge amount of code to call 'short'. It should be changed from Kb to 'lines of code', but how should those values be adjusted? I think the upper limit should be based upon, and refer to, how much code a user of Java Ranch/Code Ranch can actually post in a question. I cannot speak for this forum, but another popular forum seems to hit a limit in around 600 to 650 lines of (properly formatted) code. The 'stop reading' part can probably be stated as 200 lines of code.
  • Under the Correct section, remove the 2nd paragraph of the first point that refers to the Text Width Checker Java tool. Doing text width checks is easy in most editors designed for editing code/HTML. Plus the entire will probably be disappearing (as was the fate for the SSCCE until the kind offer from Java Ranch to provide it a home on the Wiki)
  • The same applies to the SSCCE Text Based Compiler mentioned in the 3rd point.
  • Rework it to remove every reference of "I", "I'm" etc. to a "we" or alternate wording. Sections to look at are Example - Extra Points, and the emboldened section near the end of Why bother?

  • At home:

  • How does a page gain the usual Wiki page wrapper and styles?
  • 8 years ago
    After discussions with Jeanne Boyarsky on The document will soon be disappearing, it seems set that the SSCCE will be moving right here to the Wiki.

    Since the domain will also ideally move, there is no reason to put the temporary URL to the version of the document that will appear here. The link is in the original thread if you need it.

    8 years ago
    The content of this post has been moved to the announcement/request for Wiki change ideas linked in next answer.
    8 years ago
    I just did some checking with the current owner of the domain. He is happy for it to be transferred to the control of Java Ranch. If it is a 'go' from your end, I'll put you in contact with him.

    I should stress that neither he nor I has ever been involved in a domain transfer. The onus will be on the Java Ranch folks to figure out the specifics of how it is handled.

    You might want to start at (I am guessing that is a valid URL, it keeps redirecting me to!).
    8 years ago

    Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:(I didn't realize it cost that little to register a domain name!)

    The cost depends on:
  • Vendor - shop around, but I've had good experience with and
  • The extension - a .com it typically more expensive
  • The country - a is typically twice (or more) the cost of a generic (OK U.S.) .com

  • Basically, I think it comes down to how much they think they can get away with. ;)

    I just checked both sites mentioned for a .org and saw price of (Australian) $10.99 on Go Daddy, and a price of $9.99 on VoxDomains. Not entirely sure whether the 2nd price was Oz or US $.
    8 years ago

    Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:We'll need a few days to talk about this internally. I certainly wouldn't want to see the document disappear!

    You have my permission and blessing to host it on your site.

    Thanks! Our wiki would be a good home for it. Will post back when we decide. (I suspect the answer is yes, but can't decide unilaterally)

    Cool. Sounds good. As an aside, you might want to leave out the last two sections, 'Promoters' and 'Version History'. I had been thinking of removing both sections for some time, and that last section will (presumably) be redundant if it becomes a Wiki article, given Wikis generally have a better way to show changes to a document.

    In fact even the 'Contributors' section seems a little redundant for a Wiki entry. If you want it on the Wiki, and I am able to start a Wiki entry, let me know and I'll post it. Then if the reader is that interested in the source and editors, presumably they can find out through the Wiki software.

    You made no mention of the SSCCE domain name. Please also raise that with the powers that be, since if Java Ranch is willing to take over the cost of the renewal (through a good domain naming service, it would cost less than $10 per year) I could probably arrange to have it transferred to you. The gent that first claimed the domain name has not posted to public forums in a while, and was looking to transfer it to my control.

    Getting the domain name under your control would be advantageous for a couple of reasons:
  • It would allow all current links to remain effective, no matter where they are posted.
  • There are still people on other forums who are using it, and prefer it. So it might drive some traffic your way.

  • Oh, and thanks for the cows. :-)
    8 years ago
    As the author of the SSCCE (Short, Self Contained, Correct Example) document, I feel sorry to announce that as of the end of February, it will be disappearing. I was discussing this with a person on another forum when they mentioned that Java Ranch has a facility to generate the link from the abbreviation. As a forum that obviously invests heavily in the document, I felt compelled to let you know what is happening, and make an offer.

    Would Java Ranch like to host the document?

    You have my permission and blessing to host it on your site.

    Getting the domain name transferred to your control would be a matter of me getting in contact with the current owner of it (it was bought and given to me for use with the SSCCE, but is still controlled by the 3rd party). The domain name comes up for renewal in March.
    8 years ago
    Are you the same person that asked this question on SO?
    10 years ago