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Recent posts by a sarkar

Frits Walraven wrote:Or you can read the Java EE6 tutorial (Part IV Enterprise Beans and Part VII Security)

May be it's just me but the thing I don't like about the Java EE tutorial is that it's teaching is very coupled with NetBeans. Also they don't give the code for download anymore.
6 years ago

Souvik Dasgupta wrote:...put the WSDL material inside Endpoint

What's the "WSDL material"? Can you be more specific?

Abhay Agarwal wrote:What is the cost of exam in India ?

I've no idea.
6 years ago

Abhay Agarwal wrote:To what extent should I prepare exam topics covering EJB3 ? From which book you have read EJB 3 related topics ?

The only EJB specific topics you need to know in detail are security and exposing an existing EJB as a Web Service. In addition, you need an understanding of thread safety with EJBs, ability to manage transactions and other container provided services. You do not need to know how to configure those, just what the EJB is capable of.
I didn't read any EJB 3 specific topics for this exam. I've the SCBCD certification, so I already knew about EJB 3s. However, as I said above, you shouldn't need to go into EJB 3 details. That said, if you insist on reading an EJB 3 book, I highly recommend Enterprise Java Beans 3.1. HTH.
6 years ago

Mikalai Zaikin wrote:Glad to know my WSD Guide and WSD Quiz helped.

They sure did but I wish you weren't so protective about the quiz. Lot of times, I wanted to copy some code and run it but because of the copy protection, I ended up typing 'em all. I understand copyright constraints but having purchased the material, I'm sure people will appreciate a little ease of working.
6 years ago

Himai Minh wrote:Hi, Sarkar. Congrats. Thanks for your help.

You're welcome.

Himai Minh wrote:You must have some work experience related to JAX-WS or JAX-RS and that is why you only need 6 weeks to prepare.

I do have working experience with Web Services but IMHO, prof. experience is not a crucial factor in this exam. The kinda questions they ask are from the guts of the spec and hardly seen in every day scenario. I also came close to taking the exam twice before so I had some faint memories of previous preparations. Lastly, I stressed on coding a LOT instead of just reading the books/study material which took me longer. Without that, I'd have taken the exam in 4 weeks or less.

Himai Minh wrote:
I read Java Web Services Up and Running book 1st edition.

I have a few questions about this book:
1. Is JAX-RS WADLing on the exam?
2. Is Restlet Framework on the exam?
3. Is persistence of configuration file / database support through an @Entity on the exam?
4. Which chapters of the first edition I should skip for the exam?

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
4. I can't tell; as I answered to you before, I didn't read the 1st ed of the book you mentioned, I read the 2nd ed.
6 years ago

Abhay Agarwal wrote:
Thanks for letting us know that we use to get exam results after 3 days.

That's not entirely true Abhay. What I meant was that if you'd a problem retrieving your result from Oracle website, like I did, you'd have to create a service request and it may take them up to 3 days to respond. The exam results should otherwise be available within 30 min of completing the exam.
you misunderstood. Read it again.

An ENVELOPE MUST have exactly zero or one child elements of the soap:Body element.

As far as SOAP is concerned, having multiple child elements is valid. WS-I BP 1.1, however, says otherwise.
My bad, I was thinking about the annotation. That's not allowed on the SEI.
You are not going to get a compilation error even if SOAPBinding were not allowed on the SEI (which it is). It's not a "syntax error" that the compiler will catch.

Anyway, I think I found the problem. Having multiple child elements is not WS-I BP 1.1 compliant. I don't know if you can force publishing of a non-compliant service.

R9981 An ENVELOPE MUST have exactly zero or one child elements of the soap:Body element.
There's no "standard" book for this exam anyway so do expect to be challenged by a few out of the box questions. I read "Java Web Services Up and Running" 1st ed a long time back and didn't use it for this exam. I used the 2nd ed of the book. I didn't skip anything there.
You can read more about my prep material in my exam results post.
I took the exam today (and passed, here is the result). Things that they do not prepare you for are:

  • The exam software is pretty bad. Unlike my Sun verification days, it did not alert me about starting the exam. I was given 10 min to read and agree to the privacy policy and usual stuff and when I clicked next, the exam suddenly started. Also, most question statements were missing spaces between words, sometimes making it difficult to read.
  • Again, unlike before, the exam result is not available immediately after the completion of the exam. Oracle will send you an email with, no, not the result, instructions to retrieve the result from their website. Once you log in, it's not at all intuitive how to retrieve the result. No phone support for certification exams is available and they make you fill a form for help with ETA 3 days! Good use of my $225, I must say.
  • Some questions are not in any text book and can only be answered with 80% guesswork and 20% experience.

  • I had fun and gained confidence asking and answering questions here. This is a great place. Thanks for those who helped me here, especially Frits Walraven.

    After coming close to taking the exam twice but stopped by life's problems, this time I faced even greater challenges. I can't possibly express how relieved I'm feeling now, after almost 6 weeks of grueling preparation with sometimes less than 4 hours of sleep per day.
    That being said, there were questions from all exam topics. A few unknown questions about WS-I and WS-Security, some thought provoking questions about best practices and design. Couple questions about JAXP. Rest the usual questions on UDDI or dynamic discovery, if you're wondering.

    I prepared with the following material/books:

  • Java Web Services Up and Running, 2nd ed. I read it cover to cover.
  • RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0. I read it cover to cover. (JAX-RS 2.0 is not in the exam but if you're learning it, better learn the latest and greatest too).
  • Mikalai Zaikin's OCEWSD 6 Quiz (Unlike the study guide, it's not free).
  • Ivan Kriznan SCDJWS 5 Study Notes. It's a little outdated but still plenty useful. I skipped some sections and code either because I already knew those or didn't feel it was relevant to the latest exam.
  • Enthuware OCEWSD 6 exam simulator.
  • I referred to the specs whenever in need but did not study any as such.

  • Most importantly, I wrote lots and lots of code. For the "Java Web Services Up and Running" book, I converted almost all the code in the book to Maven projects, the book uses Ant.
    6 years ago

    Himai Minh wrote:Does it mean SOAP 1.2 is not supported yet?

    It is supported but dynamic WSDL generation isn't supported. If you want to use SOAP 1.2, start from WSDL or generate it using wsgen tool.