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Recent posts by J. Insi

Perhaps you used Wifi using Android SDK to get the device recognition each other.
Or perhaps you used bluetooth for that purpose as well.

But do you know that I found these two SDK(s) that provide the Proximity features for discovering other devices through Radio Signal. Here are the list:

1. NewAer SDK
2. LTE Direct SDK

But these list are having (Trial) phase for us (as developers) to use it into our apps.
So then, is there any open source SDK that similar to them? Please share it here
7 years ago
i'm using that android 2.3

do you have any idea for the solutions that related to my case above earlier?
7 years ago
please dont give the android 4.0 API as the solutions... wouldn't it be better if it's in android 2.3?
7 years ago
if you need proximity. Then my answer is try to use Nearbytes SDK. it will help you just like NFC. i guess. CMIIW.
7 years ago
i think it's very easy. Here is the algorithm for you:

1) Make an object OOP like this:
2) Detect all networks
2) Put the strongest network inside the Object OOP above. Set the name,
set the foundstat to true. Put 'em into arraylist.
3) Detect all networks again.
4) Now let's check if the network found is similar to the network inside the arraylist?
5) If yes, dont print them out
6) If no, print them out and do the step 2 again repeatedly.

Hope you could figure out the code by yourself. I just simplify the
algorithm for you. CMIIW.
7 years ago

Hi developers!

Is it possible if let say:

1) Two devices are turning on their Wifi
2) They're not connected to any network. No LAN, no bluetooth, no phonecall, no internet
3) They want to discover each other devices
4) They want to communicate each other (sending simple string).
5) They don't want the intermediary devices for direct communication.
6) They are not having Wifi Direct capabilities.

How and what are the steps for achieving it?

7 years ago
Hey everyone!

I tried to implement Http Post Call inside a thread called SwingWorker.
Because if I put it under common Thread the GUI seems freeze!

Basically I have a button that if we clicked it, it will execute this code:

You might confused where is the Submitter class comes from?
Here it comes.

But the funny thing is,
that the getLastResult() when the button is clicked never returned me anything. Is this because of the while loop that never ends?
Can anyone help me a bit, how should it be? Because the main point why i put SwingWorker (thread) + Http Post (call) is because
I need the callback (returned value) once the button is clicked and request something to the web.

Hello everyone!

I feel more comfortable when I have some task, dealing with Swing Rather than other topics.
Thus, When I read one of this case I'm a bit confused.

I recall this is about the java 2d topics, in which the shape (oval, line, etc) lessons are covered.
I'm thinking there must be a library for achieving the main result.

  • But how about the coordinate for making a curve with the coordinate, what's that different layer? -pic 1 on upper box
  • What are the topics needed to render this image? -pic 1 & 2 both boxes
  • Is there any thread discussing about this matter, if so, which one?
  • 9 years ago

    mano ranjan wrote:Hi
    So its not related with hibernate???

    of course it is related

    Hello guys...

    I'm abit confused after couple years using netbeans older version than 6.9, and now (i mean today), using this Netbeans 6.9.1

    I tried to use Netbeans 6.9.1 and getting my Database Node empty.

    How to solve it anyway?

    I tried to google but found no solutions. CMIIW.
    hello guys!

    I'm a bit worried while adding a JButton with GIF inside of it directly to the JTable Cells....
    The adding process seems no problem at all. The problem itself is at the Cell... The Image is not animating.

    I dig it from other resources telling me that,
    This is the Renderer problem, instead of the JButton Problem.

    I tested already if My JButton with GIF placed outside of the JTable, the image animates perfectly.
    But if i sent 'em to the JTable Cells... the animation failed.

    Thus, I hope somebody could help me out of this matter.

    Below I write out the code of my JTable

    And my custom JTableRenderer;

    And the code that I used for adding JButton into the JTable is written below (works well);

    For the Preview-1 at first (before adding):

    And the Preview-2 (after adding):

    You could see Preview-2 is not animating.
    10 years ago
    ok i got it!

    OMG. i have a bunch of code like this in another apps....

    Ulf Dittmer wrote:Date cells are just a formatting Excel uses for display, not a cell type as such (which is numeric, as you've found out). If you know that a cell contains a date, then you can call getDateCellValue() to get the corresponding Date object.

    exactly! thanks Ulf!
    10 years ago

    sudhir nim wrote:

    What I gotta put is just the getDBContext() rather than setDBContext() again in other servlet...

    Yes, right.
    Consider my other points as well regarding a listner and connection pool bound to JNDI

    thanks a lot sudhir nim!
    10 years ago

    Lester Burnham wrote:If this was my problem, I'd start with an existing proxy solution -such as Muffin, but possibly a bit less dated- and would try to adapt it to my purposes.

    ya, i guess so.
    i think i should resolved this thread.

    thanks guys!
    10 years ago