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Recent posts by Cesar Coz

I'm developing a system and I'm trying to figurate out which will be the best architecture for it. I want to use the last version of JaxWS, Jersey 2.x and Google Guice 3 for dependency injection.

I know that Jersey 2 have DI integration with HK2 and there is a bridge to make it work with Guice.

So my questions goes as follow: Is there a native integration between Guice 3 and Jersey 2? HK2 is here to stay? should I change to HK2 instead of guice?

I also want to add security support with Apache Shiro but I'm not sure if HK2 is compatible with it. I know guice is.

What architecture do you recoment?
7 years ago
Did you find any solution for this error?
9 years ago
you both are right! thanks for the advices!
9 years ago
Indeed, I thought the "2011-10-24T06:37:12.561Z" example was some kind of global standard.

I used this simple solution

Thanks for your reply !
9 years ago
I have a GregorianCalendar time that comes from a web service, when I print it i get it in this format:


and I need it in this format:


Does anyone know how to parse the GregorianCalendar to that format using UTC Time Zone ?
9 years ago
Hello, I have this requirement where in every iteration to the data base I need to create a new log with a custom name (e.g. <date>T<time>_<Iterationid>.log). and keep them for a custom ammount of days (e.g. 3)

So my question is if there is an appender that can create a new log every iteration with a custom name and a max backup.

pd. I'm using Log4J 1.2.15
Thanks for answering so fast, i got the solution with your help. I solved this way

Hope this can help anyone else with this problem and thanks for the help !
10 years ago
I have this String "Fri Dec 04 00:00:00 GMT-05:00 2015" that i get from a web service and i need to parse it to a Date type in this format "YYYY/MM/DD".

I'm having trouble trying to create the Date variable and i wish someone can help me to fin a way to make this convertion. I always have trouble dealing with Date types

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
i found the answer, in the new jsp i have to put this code

hope this can help another newbie like me in jquery.
I have this problem,

i have this main jsp, and with jquery i add another jsp on a div inside the main jsp. i need this second jsp to add rules to the validator when it loads. it's that posible? can i add rules dynamically?

thanks in advance.
Good day to everyone, i hope someone can help me resolving this issue

I'm trying to return a Array of JavaBeans as a result of a Web Service made with Axis2, when i create the web service with the POJO class in the same package there is no problem and the client creates itself with the definition of that POJO inside the Stub.class.

The problem comes when i try to create the web service with the POJO class in another package, there is no problem doing that but when i create the client with my IDE (BTW i'm using Eclipse Helios) i cant find the definition of the POJO class on the Stub.class.

so how the client is suppost to know how to handle the respond? how the client knows is an Array of POJO classes?

Thanks in advance.

11 years ago
i am trying to retrieve a oracle cursor with ibatis 2. This is the example of my code

and im getting this error

does anyone know where is my problem ? i really dont understand cuz i believe i declared t he resultMap on line 07

please please please hope someone can help me.
I want to separate the decimals with this simbol --> . <-- (a dot)

im using this code

and im getting the conversion like this '200,00' using a , and not a .

does anyone know how to solve this ?
11 years ago
why i shouldnt start with MIDP 3 ? the difference is a lot ?

i found a great book to start "apress - creating mobile games" which explains everything i need to know about games with J2ME

do you think that is a good start or should i start making app instead of games ?
11 years ago
Good day everyone

im researching about making games in java, im absolutely new on this and i want to know which games (famous games) are developed in java so i can realize the power of this tecnolgy in this area

if someone already know how to make games in java, please share your experience so i can know where am i getting into.

hope anyone can help me with this and if anyone can share a book to start on this will be great

thanks in advance
11 years ago