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Recent posts by Sonx Nkuks

i have the following named query ...

i get

This happens when hibernate gets the currentSussion

Claude Moore wrote:Hi, I don't remember seeing such a behaviour in WAS.... Did you try to open a PMR ? Moreover, did you try as workaround to split your EJB project in two or three EJB project, in order of reducing xml descriptor size and entries number ?

Hi Claude, i opened the ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xml and noticed that remote beans are referenced in two ways, using <interface /> tag and others <ejb-ref /> tag... In our architect design the <interface /> references the session facade EJBs and <ejb-ref> to Business objects EJBs (BOBeans). Only the BOBeans referenced with <ejb-ref> are visible under ejb-references in my app on admin console. Mine is mapped using <interface />
Hi, our ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xml containes quite a number of session beans with remote/local references. I noticed that not all of them are loaded to the container. I see this when i open ejb references on websphere admin console within the application. Aslo, if i deploy the application using the workspace it takes forever, but installing it through admin console gets through successfully, except the above. Is this caused by the cache size or bean allowed in the session?
I have a http router module BatchOverrideWeb running it on my WAS7 with EJB3.1 i get the following when i test using SOAPUI plugin in the IBM RSA
12 years ago
Hi .. say i have three tables Override (Parent), OverrideItems (Link Table), Items (Child). Item has only two columns "ItemID" (primary key) and "ItemValue". When i add new Override and its items i would like to reuse existing ItemValue if user has entered existing ItemValue for the new Override. Otherwise inserts new ItemValue if none existing. I noticed a "many-to-many" unidirectional mapping will allow duplications meaning i could have same item inserted with different ItemID, how do i avoid this? Is making ItemValue UNIQUE Index/Constraint enough to enforce this

Bogdan Baraila wrote:As long as the children id's are also mapped to a identity column you don't have any reasons to worry. If you add a new children to a parent object and save the parent the children will be saved also, with the setting you have now.

Alright thanks

Bogdan Baraila wrote:Hello.
If your OverrideID is an identity column (autonumber, sequence etc.) than it should work else it will not cause this is what is using the identity generator class.

Thanks Bogdan, was also more worried about the children's ID (ItemID) ....
Hi, i'm having a parent to children mapping with a link table

if i use session.saveOrUpdate(batchOverrideDo) without having set the overrideId and all the children IDs (all null), will hibernate take care of that or should i at least set the children IDs to a value? TaskOverride and OverrideItem are my two link tables for my children
Th e HttpSession seems to be working for both
13 years ago

Vishwanath Krishnamurthi wrote:Hi,

Sonx Nkuks wrote:Hi, i have the following form

Here, you have given the submit-button the same name you've given for your select box. You don't need a name for a submit button. Even if you provide, it'd be better to use a unique name.


I removed the name attribute and gave it the value attribute... Another question on HTML, i need to do two things

1. Pass a list of objects from doGet() to doPost() .. should i just put it on HttpSession?
2. Keep track of the EJBRemote reference so that i don't have to look it up on the JNDI context everytime i need it. I tried putting it on the HttpSession but it becomes null

13 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:what do you see in the HTML source for the select?

i had to set the selected value to get it working

But still the getParameterNames didn't get me the values. I had to change code to the following to get it to work, not sure why
13 years ago
Hi, i have the following form

and this is how i plan to get the values

only "parameters exhausted ...." is displayed which means the param list is null/empty... Is JSTL setting 'username' parameter?
13 years ago

Deepak Pant wrote:
1. If you are using EJB3 then you will need Remote interface file with annotation @Remote.

2. The bean class will need to implement the remote interface. It will have @Stateless annotation.

3. Under same JVM, the JNDI lookup code should be done using the full qualified remote interface class name.

4. Suggest you clear the websphere temp dir and see if anything changes.

Hi Deepak, my mistake was still using the server code not the stub created to declare the remote object. Both these are in the same workspace.. Its now working thanks
13 years ago
Hi, i have created a servlet class with doGet()/doPost() methods and a jsp file. I need to populate this JSP with dropdown list data from the database. All i have is a dropdown box on the jsp
and here's my servlet

To run this app i went to jsp right clicked and Run on server. The page loads with no errors by i think the doGet() was never invoked. No logs, errors or warnings, just an empty drop down
here's my web.xml

am i missing a step here? do i need an index page

Deepak Pant wrote:Is your EJB Client and the EJB running in same JVM or different JVM?

They both on the same JMV... Am running Websphere locally if you like. By the way, do i need EJBRemote in this case?
13 years ago