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I'm using JPA2.1 and hibernate 4.3.8 and i have configured the presistence.xml to allow lazy loading

i have add <property name="hibernate.enable_lazy_load_no_trans" value="true" /> into properties section

but i'm still getting LazyInitializtionException, what is the problem ?
I figured out the problem, when using jersey with weblogic portal servlet url pattern should start with /appmanager/dcaportal/


6 years ago
I'm sure that DCA-web is my application context, and i'm testing it from the browser
6 years ago
I've done the below configuration but i'm getting an error accessing webservice url

in web.xml

TestWS class

from the log file, i see that jersey servlet initialized successfully

but i'm getting the below error

URL: http://localhost:7001/DCA-web/rest/testRest/Amr

Invalid command: [/testRest/Amr] -- Check syntax

any help is appreciated ..

thanks in advance

6 years ago
thanks Ulf Dittmer.

so, i have to do it manually, nothing to do in ini file

how can i deny access in apache shiro ? for example, i don't want logged in users to access login and register pages
yes, i'm asking about how many will be handled, what is the default ? and how can i configure it ?
7 years ago
how can i configure the number of concurrent requests for restful webservice in weblogic ?
7 years ago
How can i configure the number of concurrent requests to restful webservice in weblogic ?
7 years ago
It worked when i changed the provider to Hibernate !
here the maven dependencies

ok, i have a Merchant entity that extend User entity

User entity

Merchant entity

and Merchant entity has a list of store entity

and that is the code that inserts Merchant entity

i logged the generated queries and i found out that it inserts User then Store and that is why it voilate the FK constraint because there is no merchant yet, how can i solve this ?

aha, i see

what i'm doing is inserting new merchant and new store at the same time, it was working before i don't know what happened !!
Just know it was working before i move to maven, and what i noticed is it says eclipselink