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Recent posts by Mirco H Schmidt

setting the bufferSize to 1024 solved the issue!

Reg Mirco

10 years ago
have made a bit progress on this.
It seems, that text files with a small file size, won't be copied.
When on the source ftp server the text file is e.g. 6 MB the file will be transferred.

When same program is picking up a text file with e.g. 6 KB, then it won't be transferred.

10 years ago
Hi Greg,
have tested with ftp clients in binary mode and it is working.
The download to my local drive is ok, as I said. It is just,
when store() files back from local to FTP.
Same happens when I am doing it directly from FTP => FTP.

(I am using commons-net-3.0) to store the files to the FTP server
10 years ago
I have a program, which copies data from a ISERIES ftp server to my local folder c:\ temp. On this ftp server I have pdf files, doc files and txt files
The transfer to my local drive is working fine and all files appearing as expected.

Same program is picking up the data from my local drive and should copy same things to another FTP server.
This process is also working....but....

the TXT files have no content on my target FTP server and arriving with 0 kilo bytes, although they have contents on the source ftp server
and on the local c:\temp drive ?! The pdf and doc files are transferred correctly to the target ftp server.

Can anybody help and explain, why only TXT files have no content and arriving with 0 kilo bytes ?

Thanks Mirco

10 years ago
I have a String, where I want to replace all the text starting from "{\\rtf1\\ansi" until "\\fs24",
both marked in BOLD.
Can anybody help, how I can replace this with regular expressions ?
Thanks Mirco
11 years ago
I have a problem getting the CDATA section from my XML file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ResultSet rows="37">
<Row index="0">
<Yanumber name="YANumber" type="varchar"><![CDATA[Y00042]]></Yanumber>
<Ybnumber name="YBNumber" type="varchar"><![CDATA[YB01329]]></Ybnumber>

How can I retrieve in a loop all values from subelements Row in this case Yanumber and Ybnumber?
I tried using XPATH, JDOM
Document doc = new SAXBuilder().build("myxml.xml");
List<?> list = XPath.selectNodes(doc, "ResultSet/Row/Yanumber/text()");
for (Object object : list) {
if (object instanceof CDATA) {
CDATA output = (CDATA) object;

... but this gave me only the Yanumber part.
How can I get all parts in a list ?

Thanks for your help