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Hi, I'm an Android developer, so my knowledge of web apps and PWAs is somewhat limited. I hadn't really paid any attention to PWAs, until a few weeks ago, when I heard from colleagues on our web app teams that they had received direction that their products needed to be made into PWAs.

For someone who is unfamiliar with web development in general and PWAs specifically, can you share a few of the benefits of using PWAs? As I understand it, Electron provides another approach for creating desktop apps using web technologies; why would you choose PWAs over Electron?

Also, for someone like me, who is an Android developer, what advantages/disadvantages are there for using a PWA on mobile, as opposed to using a native app?
Thanks for all of the excellent replies.

Chris, I hadn't even thought about Python, since I don't use it in my daily work, but that's a great idea and I think you're right.

To everyone else who's worried about me losing my relationship, I should have started my request with "My gf is finally convinced to learn a programming language" instead of "I finally convinced her...". This is her call, but she doesn't want to be overwhelmed.
7 years ago
I've finally convinced my girlfriend that learning to program is an essential skill for getting a good job. Personally, I have done a lot of work with a lot of languages and I think that Java offers enough features (OO for one) and prevents enough headaches (pointers!) that it makes a good starter language.

Now, I'd like to find a book for her to use as a tutorial, but I haven't found any that meet what I'm looking for. The ideal book would be:

-For true beginners. There should be no expectation of understanding even what a language or a compiler is. A book that starts with basic definitions and builds up would be great. She was asking me the other day about the difference between code, programs, and applications, if that gives you any idea.
-Actually useful. I've looked at the "For Dummies" books in the past and they seem a bit shallow. I don't think that even if you followed a For Dummies from cover to cover that you would really understand programming.
-Purely Object Oriented. I've seen a few books that introduce languages like C++ and Java with a functional approach and then a OO approach. For her purposes, OO is ideal and if she never has to learn what the "static" keyword is for, then great.
7 years ago