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Recent posts by Oladeji Oluwasayo

Please I'll like to know how SOAP requests are sent over HTTP POST.

Is the entire envelop posted raw into the request body such as can be read entirely into a String with the following method call?

8 years ago
@Jaikiran that link is broken. Can you please provide a detailed solution. Someone is having a really tough time here.
Bug fixed! More info here on StackOverflow.
Please I really need help ASAP. I wrote a server-side application that powers a website and multiple mobile clients. I used Hibernate for data access. I later discovered that the app fails after a day! When I checked around online, I found out that its a well know issue with MySQL terminating a "stale" connection after 8 hours. In order to avoid this, I found many suggestions like including ?autoReconnect=true, using c3P0, etc.
Since autoReconnect is officially discouraged (especially in production environment) and also because it didn't have any effect when I applied it, I decided to go for c3p0. Unfortunately, after introducing the c3p0 configuration in my


file, the application starts throwing a NullPointerException somewhere in my code where I called dbSession.close();
This means that the HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory() actually returns null. I have added the required jars (c3p0-0.9.2-pre2.jar, hibernate-core-3.3.1.GA.jar, hibernate-c3p0-3.3.2.GA.jar, mchange-commons-java-0.2.1.jar and c3p0-oracle-thin-extras-0.9.2-pre2.jar) even though I don't think its all of them that are required.
Please kindly help me with a "beginner-friendly" easy-to-implement, step-by-step procedure for setting up c3p0 with Hibernate. I'm using Hibernate 3.3.6 on JDK 1.6, MySQL 5.5 and I'm developing in Netbeans 7.0.

Here is my hibernate.cfg.xml

Thanks a lot!
Thanks a lot Kirk. I'm currently involved in a project (to be implemented in Java for some business reasons) that depends on an existing Python codebase. I'm trying to come up with a design that will not only make everything work out fine but also reduce possible future maintenance overhead.
I hope your book helps.
Welcome Kirk!

Please I have a question.

Programming languages have their respective strengths and weaknesses. So I think we can combine the bests of all each world in a single project. This has now been made easy with a lot of platform bridges (e.g JNA for Java/C++/C#, JPype for Java/Python, etc). Judging by your vast industry experience, how do multi-lingual applications (projects involving Java/C++/Python) measure up with pure Java applications? What are the possible drawbacks/pitfalls? Is a multi-lingual project really worth it?
I've been experiencing serious issues with this file thing too.
How about obtaining the working or home directory of the user under which Tomcat is currently running and then creating the file relative to that directory. Something like:

Does this kind of thing work as expected?
10 years ago
Congrats champ! Double for Roel and Roberto. Those guys are incredible.
I guess I was too overwhelmed when I saw my result so I didn't really thank them well.
Roberto -- your DBReader got me started.
Roel -- your several suggestions helped a lot.

The courier company just called me this morning (because they couldn't figure out my address) that my success kit has arrived. I'll go pick it up at their office tomorrow (just 45 minutes drive). Now, let the party begin...
10 years ago
Just for the records, my actual score is 341.
10 years ago
Hey congrats! I'll send you a bottle of beer using serialized objects over sockets
10 years ago
Kongratz! Make sure you pop some wine
10 years ago
Kongratz! Time to hang out with your dudes and have some beer for real
10 years ago
Don't worry, just take your mind off it and concentrate on your work. It will turn out fine I assure you, as long as nobody on this forum thinks your implementation is terribly wrong. The logo looks pretty. I'm waiting for the success kit now and eh, I'll be hanging out on other forums.

Please, I want to do Java EE stuffs and take the OCPWCD, OCPBCD and OCPDJWS exams. In which order do you guys recommend that I take them?
10 years ago