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Recent posts by pradipta kumar rout

Hi all,

I want to write a program communicate between a pc and a android phone via wi-fi network,Is there any possibility to communicate between these two devices via wi-fi network.I want to communicate and get some information about the phone like model,name and other information.

This is my requirement,kindly help me to find this,I need some ideas about this .

I am new to this.Kindly help me by suggesting somethting ,I need this for my project work.

Thank you ,

Sir I am new to ajax this is my first program on ajax kindly tell me whether a server is required or no I am using web logic server..
what to write in the url part of this following code,

Kindly tell me if server is required then what to write and if not required then what to write.
I know that is the servlet name but how to write that
kindly give me one example.."POST",'suggest_servlet2', true);

or only html file and servlet file will do the job ..
13 years ago
Thank you ,

Sir I am new to ajax this is my first program on ajax kindly tell me whether a server is required or no I am using web logic server..
what to write in the url part of following code,If web server is required then or if not required then kindly tell me what to write ,
I know the servlet name but kindly give an example"POST",'suggest_servlet2', true);

or only html file and servlet file will do the job ..
13 years ago
I a have the following code kindly tell me what to do,
the responce is not comming when I am entering data to text box,servlet should give the rescponse
I am using web Logic server.
Html file

Servelt file

13 years ago
Tahnk you for your suggestion ,

I am using a image of size 1024*768 and my desktop also having this resolution.
I am using this image and the result is fine in my desktop,but when I am using another laptop then the image in the HTML page in its background section that I have printed using Servlet the image is not coming properly. which is correctly displayed on my desktop.
The image position changed the objects on the image are slightly changed....
i am using servlet file and with in that I have used a html page .
when i am using my desktop every thing is fine but
when i am using laptop of high resolution screen then my page is not comming properly
How can I rectify this ..
kindly tell me is there any solution for this problem

by which where ever I will use my servlet the html page will correctly shown..
Thank you for your response ,

Can you give me an example how to read and write using OutputStreamWriter class
13 years ago
open the web page I have mentioned and see the source. and save that to a file manually .(the web page is "")

then use my code to save that source to your computer after that when you will open that .txt file you will see the title of the web page and other contents are changed to some other format ....
13 years ago
I have used following code to read a file on web and write it on my computer ,but the text present on the web page is not the same after saved on the computer,

i can't able to find out the cause ,I think the text file uses ANSI format and the web page uses UNICODE or UTF-8 format ,is this the cause why I am geting dfferent out put or any other cause is there,

I wnt to read and save the content the format it has,
if the file is in ANSI then the file should saved in ANSI format
If the file is in other then it should be saved in that format,,

kindly tell me how to get this..

bellow the code i have used but can't able to read and write in actual format

i am getting a file name content_save.txt but in that file the title of the web page and other thing are not same as actual page
13 years ago
Yes ..I have imported the packege util.*

but not working ....

when I am commpiling the program without setenv.bat of weblogic domain
then it gives the servelet api probleb but Not the ArrayList error ..
so kindly help m
13 years ago

I am using Weblogic 8.1 and I have my servelet .
When I want to use
ArrayList ,Hashset in the servelet
then the folowing errors are comming when I am compiling after setting the environment in weblogic ..

the errors are as follows.

Cannot resolve symbol

I have given the classpath but not working ..........

Kindly help me what to do.
13 years ago

I want to store a file from URL and it should be in the default format


suppose i want to save the content of URL=

my objectives is to

1.I want to save the file in the default format it have ,
2.I don't know what the file format but it should save in that .
3.Suppose a Url contain xyz format then it should save in . that format in a .txt file.
4.I want to save this in this format.

I know how to save a file from URL using URL class and writer Classes but do not know how to save in the default format ,

I have tried and the content of is UNICODE but it is stored in ANSI format so how to save it in that .

So kindly tell me a suggestion....
I am doing my project it will very helpful for me
13 years ago
Kindly help me please....
13 years ago
I want to see the code ....

Its better to give the code which parse it?
13 years ago
Hello,Hira Iqbal

Can you give the code what you have done...

13 years ago