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Recent posts by Bahtiyar Tashov

Bharath Raja, thanks a lot for sharing your information!!! I have the same problem with logging.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply and for your advice. I've also wrote to Oracle.

And again congrats!!! You've done a very good job with a high score!!!

12 years ago

Rene Puchinger wrote:Thanks guys.
It is strange, that my status in CertManager is still "enrolled" and I have not received any confirmation mail from Oracle :-( Now when I click on this certificate in Certification progress, I see that I still have to complete some of the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam But I already have the OCP Java SE 6 certificate! I will write to Oracle what is happening. The OCPJP6 is identical to SCJP6, isn't it?

Hi Rene,

Congratulations!!! Did You write a letter to Oracle about your problem? Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem with CertManager. I've passed WCD 29 April 2011 with the same result - 98%

12 years ago
Hey to everyone on this very powerful forum.

One more good point from my experience.

SCJP certificate helped me to find a very competitive job with a high salary.
And according to this point, I can definitely say that SCJP certificate makes sense to have it during finding a nice job.

12 years ago

Frits Walraven wrote:Congratulation!

Good to hear that you could use my notes! Did you find any mistakes?


Dear Frits thanks a lot!!! I'm using your well-prepared notes before interviews now and it really helps me.

I've found just only one little typing error in notes.

p.27 pdf version
Dates, Numbers and Currency
2) java.util.Calender <---------

13 years ago
And one more important stuff which helped me to get this result.

I've read this one day before exam and also my notes.

I used 3 steps during passing exam:
1 step - 30 min to go through exam by answering the easiest questions. (during this step my brain started to work) don't spend more than 30 sec - 1 min per question.
2 step - 1h 30 min to answer the remaining questions WITHOUT drag/drop and also checked the the easiest questions.
3 step - 45m - 1h to answer all drag/drop. And also didn't forget about bug when go through drag/drop. Explanation about this awful bug I've found on this forum.

Tried these steps on examlabs many times before real exam.

13 years ago

Done it! I really want to say Thank You to everyone on this forum. I've passed it today here in Minsk, Belarus.

I spent 2 years of my life to learn java and 3 months of active studying by doing mock ups.

I've read 3 times this outstanding book "Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide" - Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates

ExamLab's results:
Diagnostic-> 1st attempt -54%, second attempt -98%
1st-> 1st attempt -38%, second attempt -95%
2nd-> 1st attempt - 55%, second attempt -95%
3rd-> 1st attempt - 45%, second attempt -97%
Final-> 1st attempt -54%, second attempt -98%

Dear Devaka Cooray your ExamLab testing tool is a brilliant stuff!!!

I remember one post on this forum when someone wrote that after passing SCJP - It's a high time!
And as for me I feel the same

13 years ago