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Recent posts by munjal upadhyay

Tim Moores wrote:Can you rephrase your question? I don't understand what "how to get the project by the vendor" or "I want to take the project of the client online" means. Are you asking how to find a client that will pay you for contract development?

As an alternative, you might look into developing an app and distributing it (for cash) in the Android Market and/or other Android app stores.

I want the client that will pay me for the contract development .
for example :- freelancer.
9 years ago
I am Android developer , but I don't have any idea how to get the project by the vendor...
I want to take the project of the client online , develop it and want to get paid.....

if any one do the same thinds then please guide me what to do and what not to...


9 years ago

Nitin Surana wrote:If you are saving the file through an old version of a text editor say for e.g. notepad
then saving the file as will actually save the file as
and hence you may find people use "" although not necessary everywhere.

when it is necessary to save as "" ?
I fount too many people saving the file as ""(double inverted) , they don't got any reason to do that.

I never save the file with Double Inverted...... , never get any problem.

to dynamic store data in context , we use setAttribute().

Is there any method to store dynamic data in config ???
please send me some link from which I can get all the information about , the scopes of attributes(session,application,request,page) in detail .

Bear Bibeault wrote:It can be any object that you want to store in the context.

I get it, thanks...

10 years ago

Frits Walraven wrote:

when we login in the G+ , so session starts , when I play games , or comments the same session continues , when I logout the session ends ...
is it so ? or enything more ?

There is much more but what book are you studying?


I prefer head first servlet and java , I am at 5th chapter , but having so many confussion in the end of the 5th chapter.

we can put all the attributes in all the scopes with using the wequest object

then why to use the listeners.....???
10 years ago
hi !!
I have confussion about the session ..
for example
when we login in the G+ , so session starts , when I play games , or comments the same session continues , when I logout the session ends ...

is it so ? or enything more ?
please explain with example if possible...

what is the difference between RequestDispatcher from a ServletRequest and RequestDispatcher from a ServletContext ???
10 years ago

Matthew Brown wrote:Firstly, you should do stuff in the Servlet init() method, not the Servlet constructor. That gives you access to the ServletContext.

Secondly, doing work there is fine if only one servlet is going to need it. But in many applications you're going to have things - like database details - that are needed by several servlets. But you only want to do it once. Using a ContextListener allows you to perform actions after the context is ready, but before any servlets are created.

what if I want to use diffeerent databases for different servlets.......

10 years ago
->when we synchronize the context or session attributes , the only one thread can access it...
so it means that we are indirectly making the single thread model,
some body told me to not use single thread model.somebody please explain
the disadvantage of single thread model also...

10 years ago

Badri Viswanathan wrote:getParameter - Is used for getting the information you need from the Client's HTML page
getAtribute - This is used for getting the parameters set previously in another or the same JSP or Servlet page. Basically, if you are forwarding or just going from one jsp/servlet to another one, there is no way to have the information you want unless you choose to put them in an Object and use the setAttribute to store in a Session variable. Using getAttribute, you can retrieve the Session variable

in getAttribute() you are talking about the Object , where is the Object here ???
please explain in brief , if possible
thanks , in advanced ......

10 years ago