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since Sep 18, 2010
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Recent posts by Prasath Nadarajah

I found this xsl that transfrom xmlrpc to soap

Currently i,m working on this and will you keep you updated for future reference
13 years ago
Hi philip,
I,m experiencing a similar problem now.
I want to convert an XMLRPC request to SOAP to send it to a SOAP
processing engine and return the SOAP and convert that response to XMLRPC again
I'm interested in knowing how did you proceed with this.
I appreciate any guidelines/tutorials or even code samples
Thanks in advance
13 years ago
Hi daryl!!
i,m creating a weblog client to write posts in offline mode
i use netbeans.
I do that by right click on project, create new jform, drag and drop swing elements in the palette and code for that.
Is that a wrong approach ??
When you mentioned about using i thought you were refering to this

What is the difference in using RCP?
13 years ago
also when i resize the windows its getting messy
i want to to set such that when i resize the windows all three parts must and its componenets must resize themselves
13 years ago
There are two sections when we use splitpanes left and right
if i want a three ( or even multi section splitpanes ) is there any better way way to achieve that??
I nested two splitpanes
Also if i use a layout (borcer layout) i want to set the three section of the splitpanes in three positions (center , east , west)
how can i set that??
13 years ago
Are there any built in functions / libraries in Java to make XMLRPC procedurs
or do we have to use third party libraries like Apache xml-rpc libraries.
13 years ago
i,m using border layout for my UI.
how can set the property such that resizing windows is allowed
somrthing like this
13 years ago
i want a User interface for my project just like netbeans where i need three main resizable swing elements
In that main three parts i want to add more elements but the elements will remain in the group (Just like netbeans)
what element i can use for that??
13 years ago
i want to save XML files using Jfilechooser.
i want my jfilechooser to save all files with .xml extension only (not even .text extension)
and also to open only ".xml" files
how can i do that?

How can i modify the following code??

13 years ago
This maybe a very basic question to ask. But i,m confused about many suggestions when i google this.
I have created a blog publishing client using java in netbeans. now i want to package it and deploy.
what i want is a single .exe file and when clicked it would be installed as anyother application
(chosing file path, shortcuts etc.).
i also want to deploy it to be installable in linux systems (ubuntu ).
what is the best way to do that?
Is there any tools available to do it in some clicks??
13 years ago
Actually the return data type was an array of objects which has a hash table inside it.
So first you get the result and cast it to an object array.

Then get the first element of that object array and cast it to a hash table

Then get the element by giving the hash key.
So the final code looks like this

and it prints the blogName BINGO!!!

I do'nt get why the array should be casted to an object array??
13 years ago
Thanks for the edit.
me too not familiar with struct in java.
The return value is a object with the specified parameters..
I don,t knw how to retrieve values from it??
13 years ago
Hi fred!!

This is my actual code and it works fine..
I get object in return . but i don,t know how to retrieve values from it..
for example i want to print the blogName.
see this link for the structure of the object returned..

13 years ago
i,m developing a web service client.
Through that i get an Object array with the following struct
boolean isAdmin
string url
string blogid
string blogName
string xmlrpc

how can i retrieve values from this???
13 years ago
Thanks bill
the actual error i made was i must insert the URL of the xml-rpc file (not the site URL)

config.setServerURL(new URL("http://localhost/wordsite")) // wrong

config.setServerURL(new URL(""http://localhost/wordsite/xmlrpc.php"")) // correct
13 years ago