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Recent posts by Mina Daoud

naveen yadav wrote:
size of the type does not matter the range of the values matter.

as range of character is 0 to 65536 and range of byte is -127 to 128.

byte to chat conversion
byte bt = -10 ;
char ch1 = bt ; //-------error , why -10 does not lie in the range of char.
char ch1 = (char) bt; //---------It is a narrow conversion Always cast.

similarly char to byte conversion
char ch = 666 ;
byte bt = ch ; //-------error , why 666 does not lie in the range of byte.
byte bt = (byte) ch; //---------It is a narrow conversion Always cast.

Yes, i am sorry. You are right.
10 years ago
Your method m2 is declared to return a bye value (8 bits size), and it is returning a char (16 bits size)!
10 years ago
Hi Guys,

I have an issue with Castor and i would really appreciate any hint on how to solve it.
I am using Castor to unmarshall SOAP request with spring-ws. My XML request will be something like:

I have class called OrderRequest which i map those elements.
The problem i am facing is the element <OrderDetails> which is just complexType for reusing purposes.
so my code throw an error because Castor cannot find a property with the name orderDetails!! is there anyway to configure Castro to ignore this element?

Thanks for your help,

Bill Gorder wrote:There are a lot of XML binding technologies out there see this list:

XML Binding Technologies

Each have their nuances pros/cons I have personally used jibx, jaxb and xmlbeans and they all were able to get the job done. Which ever one you use I would definitely take a look at Spring OXM for marshalling and unmarshalling.

Spring OXM Example

Thanks for the useful links! I had a look and i decided to use xmlBeans as it has full schema support!
10 years ago
Hi experts,

I am quite new to spring-WS so please bare with me.
Currently my employer use Spring-WS heavily and use JDom to unmarshall the request soap message. The problem here is every single endpoint has few lines to read the request fields. For example, this is the beginning of the method:

So it is 7 lines for 2 fields, what about 10 fields!! I decided to look at the options i can go for, i found that spring supports JIBX, Castor, and XStream but as i am newbie i am bit lost and don't know which one to select!
Based on your experience guys, which option is the more flexible and reduce as much as possible the repeated code?

10 years ago

Rishi Shehrawat wrote:I am not sure, although the authors are the same. Btw, Gavin King is one of the founder/authors of Hibernate. So he is pretty much the authority for Hibernate. At-least i found the book quite good.

Great, i will start reading the java persistence with hibernate, and let you know how i found it.

shalindra Singh Suryvanshee wrote:Best books are -
1. hibernate_reference
2. Manning_-_Hibernate_In_Action

you directly go to and get the complete reference.

I always tried to read the official documentation when i face problems! but I get the feeling that it is for reference more than learning! maybe i am wrong!!
I think i will try the hibernate in action as all people are recommending it.
Thanks so much for helping

Rishi Shehrawat wrote:Hibernate in Action - Gavin King

Isn't Java persistence with hibernate the latest version for hibernate in action??
Hi guys,

Basically, I have built some simple java application with hibernate! now, i want to learn it properly like understanding the concepts really good.
Which book or resources do you recommend? I bought Java persistence with hibernate, but i saw some bad customers review for that book which put me off reading it!!

thank you,

Joseph Mokenela wrote:I think the following link will help you, String Concatenation

Thank you Joseph this was so helpful link.
10 years ago
Hi guys,

I was wondering what is the benefits of using the concat method in String class, over using + operator



10 years ago
Hey guys,

I would be so appreciated if you give me your advice! I am a Java developer, and i got a job offer but the position is ColdFusion developer.
The new company knows that i don't know CF and they are offering me a whole training!
Is it wise to move to CF? would it affect me if in the future i want to find a java role?

Thanks for your time and advice.
11 years ago
Yea i tried the object element to add Applet, pdf, and images. per W3C they want people to use the object tag to include any media files. But when i was reading they were speaking about including classes, i got confused because of the expression "classes" as i thought i can include normal Java classes (not applet) to do some functionality!
Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding the <object> tag. I was wondering how this tag is working, beside loading media files?! I was reading an article and it was mentioned that I can use some attributes (codebase,classid) to import some classes?! Can you please guide me to a nice document which explain this tag? I checked some websites but all resources i found was a bit ambiguous (at least for my knowledge).


Jimmy Clark wrote:There is a cool programming language. Unfortunately there is a filter that prevents me from including the name of the language. The name of the language is the letter that preceded the letter S in the Latin alphabet.

I really can't get it! can you be more specific?
11 years ago