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In IntelliJ Idea, when you Ctrl+Click on the key label.key in:

it shows the value, as defined in the properties file.

If the key is present, it displays label.key in green color.
Else, it displays the key in red color.

I did not find this functionality in Eclipse.
There are lots of plugins which help in Java Struts Development.
Is there any Eclipse plugin which does same or similar task as described above?
12 years ago
The webpage J2EE6 JSP/Servlet Developer gives info about the new certification, but it's not listed in the list of Available Certification Exams
When is it going to be available?

SCWCD Links says it's Coming Soon...
Yeah, as told by Henry - the value is not because of deserialization, but because of the value of the static variable which was created while initializing the first object ob1.
You will notice the difference if you write serializing and deserializing code in two different files.

Ankit Garg wrote:
Are you sure the code is correct?? There is only a balance of 50 in the account so withdrawal of 10 from it 10 times should not be possible.

I agree with Ankit.
You may get withdrawal 6 or 7 times rarely if thread switching takes place at line:
balance = balance - amount;

But 10 times is highly improbable.
No need to mug up all the methods, but it'll be good to remember certain important methods like isEmpty(), add(), remove(), contains() etc
Most important thing is to know the Collections Framework
From Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification:
The local classes cannot have static members, as they do not provide class-specific services.
However, final static fields are allowed, as these are constants.
I'd faced similar problem in the past.
I just added HelloWorldServlet java file under a package which solved it.

But that shouldn't matter, one should be able to use class which is directly under classes folder and not in any package.
13 years ago

sahana mithra wrote:
its inside web-inf only

It should be WEB-INF (CAPITAL) and not web-inf
13 years ago
What's the exact error you're getting?
Is it HTTP Status 404 - The requested resource is not available?
13 years ago

sahana mithra wrote:
[Directory structure : webapps----helloworld-----classes-----HelloWorldServlet.class

classes folder should be under webapps/helloworld/WEB-INF/ and not webapps/helloworld/
Just try it, and see if you can get desired output.
13 years ago
Correctly told by Bharath:

Bharath Raja wrote:
kathy's book is more than enough to clear the exam with good score, its not only for cracking the exam, it will improve your java knowledge.. cheers..

Nagendra, if you have time you can go through Programmer's Guide to Java Certification by Khalid Mughal which explains Generics and Collections in detail.

Since you're working on Java for past 3 months, your coding experience is quite good for giving the SCJP Exam.
There are many JSP Tutorials on the Internet.
Head First Servlets and JSP is quite popular book for learning JSP.
13 years ago