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thanks for the help for those who cared and for the virulent cross post hunter I really really apology. I really wasn't aware about cross posting issues as I never really got any help from forums and didn't expect that same people were on all the forums as I don't see the point to have then so many different ones.... anyways I'm really sorry
11 years ago
Hi all,
I know this king of issue is quite common but I'm brand new in java so I found clues about my problem but didn't manage to make it works. Basically, I'm trying to build a small image processing program in which you load an image and then do simple stuff like rotating, changing colors, etc....
So far (which is very close for the moment...) I have a main frame which has a menu item saying "load image". When I click on it opens a file chooser, i select a picture. I would like to create a panel and then display it on the main frame.
So to do that, I retrieve the path of the picture from the file chooser in the ActionPerformed method but I wondering what to do then.

The thing is that I have to draw this picture on a panel then add it to the frame but after this I'll have to reuse it all the time when I'll do some modifications in the image. So I guess I shouldn't create the panel in the ActionPerformed method, should I ?
If not how can I return the string path of the picture from the ActionPerformed ? I tried to do it with setter/getter methods but probably didn't do it properly. Could you give me a bit of help regarding the right way to implement this kind of program ?
Here is my code for the main window, I'm using netBeans 6.9.

11 years ago
any hint??... I'm quite stuck thanks.
ok thanks, I tried to lo on another webpage (https) which has the same kind of form with a javascript validation. I used httpclient and get a message "other session running" as a response. Here is the code, it seems to go a bit further :

thanks for your answer. In fact, there is no need of any password so what i meant by userid in the code ex would be replaced in by the real userid but I guess I should use "UserID=xxx" right ?
ok I confess that I'm quite new java and I thought I was sending the id by the writer.write(encodedData); so am I offending the java's god by this sentence ??
Hi again,
so I allow myself to post a new topic cause the problem basically changed, I can't post as I want to login, still geting the login page as a result:
for the help

thanks so I tried this with no luck, still ending up on the login page:

[NK] Please UseCodeTags
well...... now I'm a bit embarassed cause I didn't read that httpclient did not handle this auth method... then that's really true that the website uses a post method so I just need to use something like :

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
client.getParams().setParameter("id", "pass");

PostMethod method = new PostMethod("url");

?? thanks for the help
Hi guys, I have an issue to login to a website with a simple form login.

My code always returns website login page despite the fact that all the parameters are correct and I'm trying to access to a home page. I'm using the classic AuthScope.ANY method.
thanks for your help. Please don't pay attention to the url mistake and correct it easily if you wan't to give a try...

[NK] Please UseCodeTags