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Recent posts by Daddaoua marouan

heeey Friends .. i should thank all the ranchers one by one .... this is more than a communty .. this forum is a CULTURE .. a good one .Thank you all
i passed the exam Today with 73% (i know it's not high but it's mine ) and this is my story :

java Experience before preparation : a semester .

the first month :
read the K&B book (thank you kathy sierra and MR BERT ... i mean this is a piece of art maaan )
after each chapter i do the self test (scoring around 30% )

2nd month :

for each chapter :
i read the summary + the 2 minutes drill >>>> AND i write my own summary ;

after that i re-took all the self test again : scoring (around 70 %) this time so i felt more confortable this time

after that i took the examlab diagnostic exam : scoring 31 % trust me i hated DEVAKA so much and even thinked about Quiting but i already bought the voucher so it's was like "do it or die" . i cheked all my wrong answers and correct my ideas .. i discouvered that i need to go through GENERICS again so i did

then i took the CERTPAL exam : scoring 56% .. and did the same thing (went throught my wrong answers)

i re-took the diagnostic Exam and it was 59 % (went throught my wrong answers)

took master exam A : i dont remember but it was around 40% i hated the small windows so didnt take B and C

took Examlab 1 : 43 %
took Examlab 2 : 46 %

and because i had a double retake voucher .. i took the risk and went today .. and IT WAS A 73 %


my advices :
the K&B book : this book is a piece of art
EXAMLAB IS A MUST .. you simply gonna fail without it .. and the idea of "+30" is REAL !
Generics is the most difficult topic (at least for me ) so if you didn't get in the first time .. relax we all didnt
the API : ther is a list in one of my posts (i copied it from another thread in the ranch ) it's has all the classes/interfaces that you need to focus on

well that all I THANK EVERY ONE in the RANCH and i will stay here to enjoy our journey

11 years ago
Congratulations friend , can you tell us your examlab Score please ?
11 years ago
thanks every one .. i'm really glad to see how people in this community help each other ..and Mr Bert it's an honor to see you in my thread .. the book is a piece of art
thanks again
Congratulations Chris ... it's realy a great score
can you tell me the order of the mocks you took and their scores ?
and how did it take the whole preparation process ?

i retake the diagnostic examlab (after 1 week and i didn't remember the answers ) and i scored 59% this time .. it's much better from 31% anyway
(i dont hate devaka anymore )

ankur trapasiya thank you for the advice ... i doing it now .. in fact , im writing all the important methods of these classes :
# Object, Thread, Runnable
# Collections, Arrays
# List, ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector
# Set, HashSet, LinkedHashSet, SortedSet, NavigableSet, TreeSet
# Map, HashMap, Hashtable, SortedMap, NavigableMap, TreeMap, Map.Entry
# Queue, Priority Queue,
# Comparable, Comparator
# String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, Formatter
# File, Reader, Writer, FileReader, FileWriter, BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, PrintWriter
# Pattern, Matcher, Scanner
# Exception, Error, Throwable
# Integer, Character, Boolean, Byte, Short, Long, Float, Double
# Date, Calendar, NumberFormat, DateFormat

i hope it works

Prithvi Sehgal thank you also for pointing me to Enthuware but i can't afford commercial mocks right now .. soi think i'll stick with masterExam and examlab

hey ranchers :
this OCPJP starts to piss me off ... i mean .. i'm good at logic but API memorization ??? come on !!! we deserve better
i read to the K&B book and i understood every word of it ..(i had to go through generics 2 times though) but whene i started the take the mocks .. it's just demotivating to see that's 50 % is API-related questions !!
i made a big mistake : the first time i heard about the SCJP is from a company that came to my school Offering a double retake voucher promotion .. so i went looking for the objectives of the exam and it seemed easy at that time .. so i bought the voucher fast before starting to prepare .. and here i'm now with a voucher that will expire 31 jan 2011
and i think i need more time ...
i took the Diagnostic exam from exam lab = 31%
then the certpal exam 56 %

please tell where i'm standing now because this scores are frustrating me right now
whene i look at my errors it's all about API (well + a little of misconcentrating )
i know that exam lab are hard .. (whene i was passing it i hated Devaka Cooray so much ) but i dont know what is the level of certpal compared to the real exam !!?
should i start the master exams or not yet ??
please tell me what to do i'm confused !
thank you Ankit i'm reading the document now ..
i have troubles with generics .. i undestand the utility of making type-safe collections but in the K&B they try to use it with alot of other features .. & i think it's in the exam too
do you find generics hard or is just me ?? i just finished the chapter and did the selftest and guess what i had 2 corect answers out of 16
Thank you Tareq Ateik , Devaka Cooray i get it thank you
11 years ago
i agree , it still confusing for people who will seat between 1 sept and 30 nov .
another thing , they don't mention anything about ID cards

but i do think that even if you receive an electronic copy because of the "shifting" process , you can resend a request after 30 Nov et then it will be a Hard copie.
Or you can wait till 30 Nov

Re-Sends and Soft-Copy Certificates

By Paul Sorensen on September 29, 2010 12:27 PM
Hi Everyone,

A previous blog post raised some questions and has caused some confusion about whether hard copy or electronic certificates will be sent for those earning Java, Solaris and MySQL credentials under the Oracle brand. I'm happy to report that anyone earning any of these credentials (or other Oracle credential) under the Oracle brand, will receive a hard-copy certificate from Oracle.

Only requests for re-sends of legacy Sun-branded certificates will be fulfilled electronically. This begins only after November 30th. We have updated the previous blog post to make sure that this is communicated more clearly.

I hope that this helps alleviate the concerns that some of you may have had about the new certificate fulfillment process.

Thank you,

check the link
you think so ? .. let me put some of my backgrounds and then tell me

i finished my 3 years this summer ... i had a 3 months course in JAVA .. (2 years with C , VB , matlab ....NO C++)
this summer i did an application for a moulding company (that's was a training) with java which is a Manifacturing Excution System .. i used MVC 2 pattern and programmed with netbeans IDE
but to be honest the IDE was of a great help .. somtimes i deployed things without undestanding it

voila ... that is ALL my experience with Java
am i still rushing ?

ps : sorry admins , i know this is a little out of the subject
Now i totally GET IT ... thank you so much Trivikram AND Wouter Oet for your time and your well explanation
one more question if possible : did you finish the book or not yet ? if yes how long did it take
i ask because i think i'm hurring a little ... 10 days and i'm already at chapter 6 !!!
no no ... a Devision slash "/" was removed .. while copying from the pdf i guess
it should be like this

so D is correct , it will produce "/ by zero " ArithmeticException exception

sharp mind though
thank you