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Recent posts by srinivas muni

Hi ,
I am integrating Spring AOP ( for logging ) with Web flow. I am seeing the below error. When I went throught the docs I can see that CGLIB proxies are not Serialized ( correct me if I am wrong)
Is it possible to use AOP with webflow ?? please provide some suggestions on the below exception.
Below is the exception :

Here I am calling service method of a cartService class from the flow registry.

facade calss

10 years ago
Hi All,
I am working on Spring Web flow. Is there any good tutorial on spring WebFlow+ Ajax .
I searched in google but I don't see many resources. If anyone who is working on WebFlow+ Ajax suggest few resources that will be helpful
Also do I need to use spring JS if I want to use WebFlow+ Ajax

10 years ago
Hi Manish,
Thanks For your reply.
Finally I found out the root cause .. For the advice, return type is void . I need to change that to Object and return the Object from joinPoint.proceed();
As you suggested , I will use log4j configuration.
But the other point you made about context:component-scan , I read somewhere(in forums) that it should be specified in aop configuration also ( in this case logging-configuration.xml).
can you provide some more details on that ( Right now it is working fine )

I am using Spring AOP for logging. I am unable to find what is wrong in my code. With Spring AOP and without AOP it gives different output. Any help or comments is really appriciated . Below is the code and configurations




Here when I run the above code testdelegate object is null with AOP ( line 23 check : if(d == null ) )
When remove the AOP (by commenting the advice and pointcut ) I can see the normal behavior.
Please let me know Where I am doing Wrong. I already spent few days on this but couldnt figured out the problem
( Sorry for posting the entire code but I thought that will give some clear picture)
Use MCQSingleAnsmanager instead of questionmanagerInterface in your java code

10 years ago
Hi Robbie Knight , Yes I found the Exact problem. It is related to the partners log becoming full.( IBM released a patch to resolve the issue ). What exactly is your issue. May be I can help you
10 years ago
Hi ,
I have an application that will access queue on a regular basis( I am using WAS 6.1 and MQ 7.0)
Actually there are couple of jobs ( job 1 runs for every 10 mins access Q1 and job 2 runs for every 1 min access Q2) that will read the queue.
When job 1 tries to access the Queue, I am getting enlist failed exception. Job 2 is running fine.
Is the issue related to partner log becoming full ? ( in that case job 2 should also get the same exception. But I dont see any )
No issues with the code ( I verified with couple of my frds). I am not sure what is the exact use of partner log for WAS.

Below is the xception

10 years ago

Which statement is true?
A. All of the assert statements are used appropriately.
B. Only the assert statement on line 2 is used appropriately.
C. Only the assert statement on line 5 is used appropriately.
D. Only the assert statement on line 8 is used appropriately.
E. Only the assert statements on lines 2 and 5 are used appropriately.
F. Only the assert statements on lines 2 and 8 are used appropriately.
G. Only the assert statements on lines 5 and 8 are used appropriately.
Answer: G
Can someone explain why ?
Which can appropriately be thrown by a programmer using Java SE technology to create
a desktop application
A. ClassCastException
B. NullPointerException
C. NoClassDefFoundError
D. NumberFormatException
E. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Answer: D
Ref : Sun 310-065: Practice Exam
synchronize object not class
Even I tried .. it doesnt work..
my guess is that there is some problem with synchronized(TestClass12.class)