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Mostly worked on J2EE/Spring/Struts applications. Hang around HTML, CSS and JavaScript forums to have some front-end tricks up my sleeve.
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Recent posts by Ahsan Bagwan

Thanks for a concise description of git.

What I am trying is using git on computers on the same network domain. I want to push code to another computer on the domain and wonder if things work the same way as with external remote repositories.
I've somehow managed to clone a repository on the intranet using the statement:

Now I also would like to push my commited code to it. I searched how to do it over the internet but somehow posts have me confused.

Also reading this didn't make it clear. Is it the same way as with git over https and ssh for instance? Does anyone suggest any workflow for working on local file system or the intranet?
When I create an app with the rhc create command it runs well and the python-2.7 app is available at the URL in the console.

`rhc setup` gives me this:

Also cloning gives an error as follows:

What is going wrong there?
I meant the passing of data onto the controller.

But using $q.defer works somehow:

Service looks like:

I need to chain HTTP requests and that's why I'm using $q inside $http. I'm sending array of newly created endpoints in my $q.

What I want is `tmpResult` to be visible inside the controller? What do I need to do? Also I'm kind of rusty with sending request so if there is any suggestions to improve the code I'm all ears.

I figured it out. Adding sort: 'desc' property to header does it.
I'm using ag-grid for rendering data in a table format. My requirement is that I have the sorting icon displayed all the time in the table header. The default behaviour is that it is visible only on a click.

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I searched quite a few queries but didn't find anything relevant. Is what I'm wanting to do even possible? If so how do I go forward from here?
Two more podcasts that I found interesting:

- The Art of Manliness
- Technology by NPR
7 years ago
Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! Enjoy!
7 years ago
Happy Diwali Maneesh and all fellow Indian Ranchers! Enjoy! Been waiting to have delicious Karanji for so long now.
7 years ago
We have this instance of Liferay 6.2.x running in a local environment. Now we have to change look and feel of the pages. But the web editor doesn't retain indentation and the sections on pages (Web Content) feel very cluttery.

How to deal with this? Pardon me if my question is silly.
7 years ago
So I'm consuming an API using Backbone.js by referring this book chapter: https://addyosmani.github.io/backbone-fundamentals/#exercise-2-book-library---your-first-restful-backbone.js-app I've written the server code in Node.js and made a DB connection to MongoDB. However, when I view the network panel I get an empty JSON. Unlike the book, I'm only implementing the GET action to obtain collection. Following is the code in its entirety. Can anyone point out where I'm going wrong?

I have a MongoDB collection called Inflation contained in inflation_database database. I then inserted a document in this collection with attributes `inflationDate` and `value`.

Collection view

Item View





I'm trying to wrap my head around JavaScript prototype and had some questions. Are both the code snippets below mean the same thing?

If we declare Foo.prototype.method = function() {//some code} I think this makes Foo method available on every Bar object. Am I right about this? Also I will definitely appreciate learning about any good resource on prototypes.
Thanks everyone. So it seems like it does help Software developers as well to know more about IT management.
7 years ago
That's an exhaustive explanation, Michael. Thanks a bunch!