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Recent posts by Samdani masum

Hi Tim Moores,

 yes, it is time consuming if developing security after completing project .

but we already implemented following requirements :

1. Role based Access control ,session management
2. Password encryption

i interested to know that which additional requirements we have to satisfy in financials secured app.  

5 years ago
I already build a large scale financial web application using spring stack(spring mvc (jquery) + ioc +jpa+ tomcat) .
It is not restful app. Now we want to perform security testing (penetration testing).

But i have no idea that what are the  common security attack .
which are most common for web application ?
what kind of browser level security issue for web application ?

we already implemented following requirements :

1. Role based Access control ,session management
2. Password encryption

any one please give me some idea , which security requirements need to adapt in our application.
5 years ago

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Samdani masum wrote:But one thing ,you mark that customerVM is entity class . but CustomerVM is not entity class. it has no relation in db table Customer .

CustomerVM is definitely an entity class as it's marked with the @Entity annotation

CustomerVm class has entity annotation but it has not include @Table("customer") , so you can not tell this entity class .
and it has not complete mapping in db table .

So, i am tell that "CustomerVm" class not a entity class , just it is a pojo class.

Roel De Nijs wrote:CustomerVM is an entity, so you should definitely read the Returning Managed Entities from Native Queries section in the JPA 2.1 Specification. Especially this part is related to your issue

JSR 338: Java Persistence API Version 2.1, Returning Managed Entities from Native Queries wrote:When an entity is to be returned from a native query, the SQL statement should select all of the columns that are mapped to the entity object. This should include foreign key columns to related entities. The results obtained when insufficient data is available are undefined.

So you are not selecting all columns mapped in the entity, so the results are undefined. And it seems EclipseLink simply returns the results whereas Hibernate throws a runtime exception. Both are valid implementations of the JPA 2.1 specification.

thanks Roel for you help.

But one thing ,you mark that customerVM is entity class . but CustomerVM is not entity class. it has no relation in db table Customer .
So, now I am thinking that no need to select all column for this non-entity class when use Native query in JPA.

for this , i am found one reference :

Roel De Nijs wrote:And what about changing your native query to

SELECT customerid, customername, contactid FROM customer WHERE customerid =:csid

At first you have know that same query (without add-contactid ), CustomerVm class already working in eclipse link.
But not work in hibernate .

"contactid " addition in sql is not my technical requirements. becasue i have need a solution when sql query element and class attribute is not same .
then how solve this problem.

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Samdani masum wrote:But same code working in JPA2.1 with Eclipselink orm all version. i have to use hibernate so, how to solve it hibernate

Error : column "contactid" found

Try setting the Hibernate dialect to the MySQL dialect by adding this line to the persistence.xml file

Hi, already i am adding this line , but i am found same error , Actually my "CutomerVM " and Native query style is different .

I am faceing a critical problem in JPA 2.1 with Hibernate orm 4/5 . any one please give me a suggestion ?
But same code working in JPA2.1 with Eclipselink orm all version. i have to use hibernate so, how to solve it hibernate

Error : column "contactid" found

step 1 :

step 2 :

STEP 4 :


Manjunatha Devraja wrote:Hi,

i'm currently working in maintenance project in Bangalore. but i want to enhance my java development skills.
so i'm looking for part time java development work. and also you don't have to pay for my work.
just i want to learn java hands on project development. i have 3.5 years of experience now.

please let me know if there is anyone who can help me on this.

if this is not the right forum to ask let me know where should i ask.

Thanks in advance

please contact form this link
6 years ago
Hi Kashif ,

Thanks for your interest for this project .
i am finding some java team member also.

6 years ago
I understand that MDC concept . it is nice .

why not use ,this way for mult-user servlet ?

String userid = (String)session.getAttribute("user-id");;
this statement give same output against " MDC " statement.

Any one please clarify me . What is the additional benefit of using MDC with log4j .
Optinfra Enterprise platform

avoid "reinventing the wheel," and utilize the technical solutions readily-available in Java EE

Enterprise Platform. has been recently Open Sourced by an ERP development company,
it's a Java EE based platform similar in concept .

This project is ideal for those who want to be involved in a brand new Open Source project based in the Financial Services sector.

If you are interested in joining

* All positions are unpaid.
* Projects offer a good environment for mentoring/learning.
* only serious java developer who interested to learn java ee
* need experience people who already involved this type of complex project .
please no need to apply fresher people .
* experienced developer who has a passion for large scale application architecture and JAVA EE

prerequisite :

this project is totally R&D based so, every developer need at least 1 year java development experience .

Project name : Design and implement of ERP Model (very small size) application based on maximum common best practice
of JAVA EE to support mission-critical project .

Optinfra Enterprise platform : Design and implement of ERP Model platform

This provides rapid application development environment , reusable, semi-complete infrastructure

that can be specialized to produce applications. It doesn't include users' functionality.

but it is a platform for developing java ee based applications, based on modular components.

This provides an architectural model and a development also provides common java EE best practice ,

development guidelines, standards, methodologies and tools for development and maintenance.


How can development this things. some developer involved different areas of following section .

1. documentation
2. design
2. Testing
3. monitoring
4. Coding
5. Review and compare , Reporting
6. performance analysis

We also managing a collaboration site and task management system .

7 years ago
I have recently completed development on Java6/jboss7. Now i am migrate my app into javaee7/wildfly8.2.

My app is mid size enterprise financial solution i.e .accounting ,sales , HR module.

I have a confusion that is it possible to run wildfly8 or jboss7 in production environment . some people says that any open source java application server is not recommend for production environment ,only jboss EAP for production . community server only for development .

Q1. is it correct or not ?
Q2 . is it possible to run jboss community edition into production environment ?
Q3 .what is the major complexity , when run community edition server into production environment without Jboss EAP ?

please give me some suggestion for this purpose .
7 years ago
I am developing a Enterprise application in JAVA
and trying to find any framework for rapid application development .
that has some built in feature .

--already i have found one

But spago is very backdated /old and they already stop their next release ,
so i have need similar framework ?

any framework in java similar to spago , it may be open source /proprietary
please give me idea ?