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Hello to all,

Since 4 years that i'm using LDAP in my intranet to authenticate the users with active directory. Since 2 weeks that (and i don't know why) this code and connection is not working so well. Sometimes the connection don't start and i don't have permissions. If i restart the TOmcat (not always) the authentication starts well but again goes down.

One thing is that i have two Domain COntrollers and one has a problem and we have to use the intranet Server as a Domain Controller... But on my laptop (not a domain controller) i'm having also the same things.

I debug the code and i receive the following error message "[Root exception is Connection timed out: connect", i search and i see one thing in one forum saying to add to the hosts file the ip of the intranet server plus FDQN and the server name

Ex: test

After this i start to work well and all the authentication was running but now again... I'm completly blind because i don't have any clue....

Sorry, i don't know if this is the right forum...

Thanks in advanced,


This is my code:

13 years ago