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Recent posts by Saibabaa Pragada

Thank you Steve. I wish I have patience like you to write this kind of long explanation. This is definitely helpful for everybody. Small notes along with above is

Both Composition and Aggregation are Associations.
Composition IS-A Association.
Aggregation IS-A Association.

Composition is a strong association.
Aggregation is a weak association.
13 years ago
Hi, I would request you to explain me the difference between Association Vs Aggregation Vs Composition. I have gone through several threads but unable to conclude anything at the end. Let us make it "THIS IS THE THREAD for Association Vs Aggregation Vs Composition". Please use the following code as base while showing the differences
13 years ago
I was told in the class and It is clear now. One class type(example:- Dog) can be type casted with the same type(i.e., Dog) and doesn't give compile/runtime errors. Thanks everybody
Yes Pedro. I agree with you. I just wanted to know so that I get good feel and feel comfortable when I see the directories/files.
Hi, Is there anyway we can see the underlying implementation for access specifiers & modifiers like "private, public, protected, native, synchronized, abstract etc..". For classes and methods we have API and can see how Sun/Oracle implemented.
Thanks Pedro. Is there anyway we can figure out the location of servlet container, JSP container, ... by looking at web container in Tomcat.
Rectified typo, I was told that IS-A means, we should use either extends or implements Runnable should be read as "I was told that IS-A means, we should use either extends or implements"
So, What is the use of apache web server that can server only static content when compared to apache Tomcat that can serve both static and dynamic content?
Paul, Based on your comments, What I understand is we can use either POST or GET. If this is not correct, It would be helpful if you can advice the right answer with explanation.

Paul Clapham wrote:And going back to Bear's answer; it contains the implicit suggestion that you should find out the criteria for when GET and POST are acceptable. Then once you have done that, apply those criteria to your question.

Hi Bear, Why A POST is no more "secure" than a GET. Could you let us know. I am under the impression that POST must be used for "sensitive data".

Bear Bibeault wrote:"sensitive data" is never a criteria for deciding whether to use a POST or a GET. A POST is no more "secure" than a GET.

How come Dog IS-A Dog ?
I was told that IS-A means, we should use either extends or implements Runnable. Could you please let me know why/how we can say Dog IS-A Dog
Sorry. My mistake. Let me change the question
Yes prasad. I posted the right code. Second answer is, Dog IS-A Dog..I don't know how come this is possible.
Hi, This is from Whizlabs. Question is: Please select 2 correct options from the following

1. Animal IS-A Dog
2. Dog IS-A Animal
3. Dog IS-A Dog
4. Animal HAS-A Dog
5. Dog HAS-A Animal

I am thinking that one of the answers is Dog IS-A Animal and what is the other ?
That's right..what I am trying to ask is, At Runtime, I modified the Beta class structure as given below.