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Recent posts by Sai Hegde

So, how hard is it for a seasoned Spring developer (5+ years experience) to crack this exam?
Are there any practice resources to feel comfortable or test your readiness for the exam?
4 months ago
Java Bloat has been my biggest pet peeve for a long time now and why I started programming in Golang for some of my personal projects. But Jigsaw is a welcome change and a step in the right direction for Java. I think there is a maturity model for the use of the Java Module System... As I typed that, I googled to see if there was someone who had outbeaten me to the idea... and surprise JPMS Maturity Model Thanks Nikolai
1 year ago
So with jlink, will this change how we have traditionally shipped java applications? Thoughts? Much like how we use docker, to deliver products.
1 year ago
Thanks for the link. Very detailed and very well organized.
1 year ago

Deepak Vohra wrote:1. Docker Swarm mode supports Docker Service Stacks for developing microservices that have dependencies between them."

Doesn't Kubernetes support this as well?
2 years ago
With Docker announcing native support for Kubernetes, what do you think their direction with Swarm will be?
2 years ago
Sure, you can do that easy with angular directives. Also have you looked at ng-bootstrap?
Nice, this discussion gives me more tools in my arsenal when I go to the design meetings for our next UI project.
Thanks for all the resources.

So in summary, there is a lot of mixed opinions based on where that information is coming from.
4 years ago
Why should one go for Kubernetes over Docker Swarm for deploying/clustering containers or could it be a mix of both from a redundancy perspective?
4 years ago
Great answer... Really appreciate the details on it.

Also, Does embracing Docker as an Application Delivery System bring any value to the Open Stack?
4 years ago
Here is the TOC

1.1. Introduction
1.1.1. What you’ll learn about performance
1.1.2. What you’ll learn about solving problems
1.2. Binary Search
1.2.1. A better way to search
1.2.2. Running time
1.3. Big-O-notation
1.3.1. Algorithm running times grow at different rates
1.3.2. Visualizing dfferent Big O run times
1.3.3. Big O establishes a worst-case runtime
1.3.4. Some common Big O run times
1.3.5. The traveling salesperson
1.4. Recap
2.1. How Memory Works
2.2. Arrays And Linked Lists
2.2.1. Linked Lists
2.2.2. What arrays are good for
2.2.3. Terminology
2.2.4. More insertions and deletions
2.2.5. Deletions
2.3. Selection Sort
2.4. Recap
3.1. Recursion
3.2. Base Case And Recursive Case
3.3. The Stack
3.3.1. The call stack
3.3.2. The call stack with recursion
3.4. Recap
4.1. Divide And Conquer
4.2. Quicksort
4.3. Big O Notation Revisited
4.3.1. Merge sort vs. quicksort
4.3.2. Average case vs. worst case
4.4. Recap
5.1. Hash Functions
5.2. Use Cases
5.2.1. Using hash tables for lookups
5.2.2. Preventing duplicate entries
5.2.3. Using hash tables as a cache
5.2.4. Recap
5.3. Collisions
5.4. Performance
5.4.1. Load factor
5.4.2. A good hash function
5.5. Recap
6.1. Introduction To Graphs
6.2. What is a graph?
6.3. Breadth-first Search
6.3.1. Finding the shortest path
6.3.2. Queues
6.4. Implementing The Graph
6.5. Implementing The Algorithm
6.5.1. Running time
6.6. Recap
7.1. Working with Dijkstra’s Algorithm
7.2. Terminology
7.3. Trading For A Piano
7.4. Negative Weight Edges
7.5. Implementation
7.6. Recap
8.1. The Classroom Scheduling Problem
8.2. The Knapsack Problem
8.3. The Set-Covering Problem
8.3.1. Approximation Algorithms
8.4. NP Complete Problems
8.4.1. How do you tell if a problem is NP-Complete?
8.5. Recap
9.1. The Knapsack Problem
9.1.1. The simple solution
9.1.2. Dynamic programming
9.2. Knapsack Problem Faq
9.2.1. What happens if we add an item?
9.2.2. What happens if we change the order of the rows?
9.2.3. Can you fill in the grid column-wise instead of row-wise?
9.2.4. What happens if we add a smaller item?
9.2.5. Can you steal fractions of an item?
9.2.6. Optimizing your travel itinerary
9.2.7. Handling items that depend on each other
9.2.8. Is it possible that the solution will require more than 2 sub-knapsacks?
9.2.9. Is it possible that the best solution doesn't fill the knapsack completely?
9.3. Longest Common Substring
9.3.1. Making the grid
9.3.2. Filling in the grid
9.3.3. The solution
9.3.4. Longest common subsequence
9.3.5. Longest common subsequence — solution
9.4. Recap
10.1. Classifying Oranges Vs Grapefruit
10.2. Building A Recommendations System
10.2.1. Feature Extraction
10.2.2. Regression
10.2.3. Picking good features
10.3. Introduction To Machine Learning
10.3.1. OCR
10.3.2. Building a spam filter
10.3.3. Predicting the stock market
10.4. Recap
11.1. Trees
11.2. Inverted Indexes
11.3. The Fourier Transform
11.4. Parallel Algorithms
11.5. Map Reduce
11.5.1. Why are distributed algorithms useful?
11.5.2. The "map" function
11.5.3. The "reduce" function
11.6. Bloom Filters And Hyperloglog
11.6.1. Bloom Filters
11.6.2. Hyperloglog
11.7. The Sha Algorithms
11.7.1. Comparing files
11.7.2. Checking passwords
11.8. Locality Sensitive Hashing
11.9. Diffie-hellman Key Exchange
11.10. Linear Programming
11.11. Epilogue
4 years ago
Would I still need Openstack if I were developing on Docker with an orchestration framework like Kubernetes, Swarm, etc?
4 years ago
Need more than to help you out here. Do you have the source code to share? How are you running the app. From what it seems is you have 2 pieces to the app. The rest backend and the ionic frontend. Are you starting them off separately?
4 years ago
Grails uses Spring under the hood. And you can use servlets within a grails app.

If you are looking for a framework that can scaffold easy and you can get it up and running in no time, go for Grails.

4 years ago