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Recent posts by Haroon Chaudhary

If you are familiar with xpath expression and your XML string is of reasonable size then I think you can use javax.xml.xpath.XPathExpression to search the element and then modify the vlaue.
10 years ago
In our application we send data like product, prices etc from a central system to a local store system.

The central System is using MySQL (Swedish/Finnish charaterset) database and the local store system is using DB2 (UTF8). when we send data we take data from central database and create a java object and send it to local store using serialization. On the local store the data is deserialized and
inserted into local Db2 database. the trouble is when we have special character like 'Ä' in the product description then it takes 2 bytes, the column in MySQL and DB2 is VARCHAR(30) the MySQL handles the 30 character data (which has special character 'Ä') but when it tries to insert this data in the Db2 then it throws an exception

ERROR::2012-08-08 01:24:23, ServerError [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0302N The value of a host variable in the EXECUTE or OPEN statement is out of range for its corresponding use. SQLSTATE=22001

This error is thrown becuase a 30 character data with a special character takes 31 bytes to store but Db2 VARCHAR(30) will handle only 30 bytes.
Appraently changing the characterset for the databases is not an option. If anyone has faced similar issue before suggest a solution please.
Thanks for the suggestions guys, We are having a desing meeting next week and I will put all the suggestion on table . We thought about the retry and fail response to be stored in data base. And the failed transaction will go in a differnt Queue after retry count is met. And a reporting tool will allow the user to see the failed transaction and reason for failure.

The idea about data warehouse and data consumer is good. We already have all the transactions in our database and then they are also already being published to the publish queue in our system. We will consider the feasibility for this idea as well.

12 years ago
Apparently we do not have the native API that they can use.

At this stage I am not sure about security need further discussion with client. Its the sale transactions in the business.

It has been agreed that we will use Web servcie. I think the FTP option was discussed at some level and was rejected by client (dont know for waht reason it was rejected).

12 years ago
Hello, I am totally new to web services, we have a high transaction system and we put all the XML format transactions on a publish queue so that the external system can use it if they want. We have a client whose system is totally based on Microsft technology they can not access our pubish queue so it has been decided the web service will be used to send transaction XML to there system. We have thought about the solution as follow
1) write Message Driven Bean to read from publish queue
2) the Message Driven bean will raed transaction XML and transform it to required format using XSLT
2) The transformed XML will be send using Soap based Web service (which will be written by external client)

I am not sure that the above is the best approach in this kind of scenario our external client has not wriiten web service yet and they are open for suggestion that what kind of web servcie should be written. I am not sure if SOAP based web service will be ideal or we should use RESTFULL (As I am not familure what pros and cons it will have).
Also Is there any way to automate the webservice integration testing / Unit testing ??
12 years ago
Hi, We are using the MyEclipse for the develpment of the Web Application which consist of a web project and a seperate java project. We are now switching from My Eclipse to Eclipse but we will continue to use same CVS instance.
Q : In Eclipse, Can I use the same workspace that I created using MyEclipse OR I need to create new workspace and reimport all the projects from CVS. Actaully we have teams in diffent countries and importing all project will take much more time than using the same workspace that they already have for MyEclipse.