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A very basic question:
Instance variables are unique to an instance of a class. However there is nothing unique about the method of a class. So I would think each instance of a class would look up for the instance method in a common memory address. Is that right ?
How are instance methods loaded(?) in memory ?
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18 years ago
My answer is E!
E-R diagrams show relationships between data elements. I believe E-R diagrams do not model behaviour. All you do is organize entities (and their attributes) and build relationships (identifying, non-identifying, one-to-one, One-to-many etc) to normalize the entities.
I guess I concur with Matts because we dont seem to use OOAD in the real sense! It is still OOP alone and deemed OO methodologies! Well offlate the use of tools like Rational Requisite Pro and Rose has increased, but I think we are a long way to go from following the entire cycle of steps mentioned in any standard OOAD "Text Book" ...
hi All,
How often do we get to use CRC index cards when we execute a project ? Is this just theoretical or do companies practice this in real life ?