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Recent posts by gowtham potter

Hello , I am trying to implement a moving photo slider that is no jQuery , it uses moo tools

I want a slider like this guy http://mahusay-fbt.blogspot.com/

SO I got that piece of code that is specifically designed for blogger here http://bit.ly/chXo9Q

I implemented it on my dummy blog http://hacktheplanets.blogspot.com and it ain't working (((((

This is the error i get
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected number
http://hacktheplanets.blogspot.com/:1380Uncaught ReferenceError: Class is not defined
http://hacktheplanets.blogspot.com/:1657Uncaught TypeError: Object [object DOMWindow] has no method 'addEvent'

I have no idea where I went wrong and I need help

Someone plezzzz help
srry for the late reply by it must get the contents of that page in HTML and use document.write() to display it on the page!

I am learning Jquery and I need your help!
I want to use the JQuery get function and display the got page using document.write();
But i am not able to do this !

<script type="text/javascript">

I added this,imported jquery, hosted in google.
Now how must i get this url and write it?
Okay fine I will tell you what i want to do with it!

I was trying to keep it secret but........

I am trying to write a proxy in Google App engine!

I already wrote one HackToHell proxy.

But i used the HTTP Post method to post to /learning and get the webpage,
Now I want the ability to do this

if they go to hacktohell-proxy.appspot.com/go/google.com then it must go to google.(using HTTP get method)

That is why I was asking about the servlet mapping!
So how do I map this (I tried and deployed some 80 times but none worked{do not ask me what i did , i did all sorts of stupid things and proably nowhere close to the actual answer})?
I believe this answers your question

Thank YOU,
10 years ago
Ok i accept what you suggest with the prefix/*
But will mapping it get me the desired results?

Thanks for getPathInfo()!!
10 years ago
Hello i want to map a servlet that runs for all the url supplied to it eg:-
if the reg url is example.com/anything

Then a servlet must be invoked

I tried in servlet mapping in web.xml /*
but it is not working, i get MalFormedUrl Exception!

Also how do i read the anything(example.com/[anything])
Must i use getServletPath() or get it from getRequestUrl()??
Thanks in Advance,
Gowtham Potter
10 years ago
I want to know about an SIMPLE and effective way to write to Google's Datastore, I find their explanation confusing.
I also saw twig-persist , Objectify , which one must I use, what is the best way?

I just want to write to the datastore , and not query it!

I am new to J2EE !
10 years ago
So i must create two threads and send messages between them.
Should I implement Runnable or extend Thread.
P.S:-Hoe do I sent String from one to another thread?
Thanks saw your blog,it was nice
Hello i am writing an im client in java using Smack API.
But I have a problem,
The message is recieved and sent by another class and i want it communicating with my main GUI class.
this is the scenario
How can i get it to communicate with my main class.
the main class uses an object of the ChatRecieverandSender class,so if i get a message ,i want it to be sent to the main class this is how i recieve a a message.
Chat newChat = chatmanager.createChat("jsmith@jivesoftware.com", new MessageListener() {
public void processMessage(Chat chat, Message message) {
System.out.println("Received message: " + message);

I want message to be sent to the main class and it to be notified when a msg is recieved help plezzz
Hello i am trying to write a jabber client in java and i would like to know if there are any java classes and control the jabber protocol.
Mr.Lester Burnham can I modify the contents of a reg key by using the red /add method??
11 years ago
I want to know if editing and reading of windows registry is possible through java.
Even if there are no classes,can you tell me any JNI that will aloow me to do so
Thank You
11 years ago