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Recent posts by Diana Sule

Hi Rui,

I agree that what you and Joe said is correct.

Protected is definitely less restrictive than default is.
Yes, as AmanZeek said,
* it's not reccommended to use assertions on public method's arguments
* but you can use them on the arguments of private methods
* it's alright to use them in the default case of a switch for something you know will never ever happen
* it's not appropiate to modify a class's state from an assertion
Yes, for booleans the if will test the value of the assingment.
Hi Rameez,

After I've passed the OCPJP exam, I came to the same conclusion as you and decided that in parallel to my study I will also involve myself more in this great forum!

Congrats and keep it up
12 years ago
Excellent scores! Congrats
12 years ago
Congrats! Very well done
12 years ago