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Recent posts by muntago Richard

Hello, i tried to escape outputed database plain string using htmlenties as below

I tried it this way but is not working

below is entire code

please can someone help me to fix this htmlentities issues and check also if this code is sql vulnerable since the query is passed directly to database
8 years ago
This code below displays the following errors

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in
C:\xampp\htdocs\copytimeline\timeline\processinsert.php on line 5



Any help will be appreciated
8 years ago
during registeration, i hashed and salt password using SHA 512

as follows

salt and pass are stored in database. but i don't know how to create login form using hashed and salted password. can anyone help me below is my login form

8 years ago
am running a phonegap app android where user can insert record into database via a form input.

question is during compilation and deployment of the app

1.will my database username,password,tables etc from php servers folder be compiled with the app.
2. can my phonegap app be decompile by hackers to get my database accounts from php server

3. if yes, how do i 100% protect my database account from being hacked via phonegap app downloaded by my users.
4. finally how do i also 99.9% protect my css,html,js files in www folder of the phonegap app

8 years ago
This code does not display a simple.php page if correct account were entered. i think there is a session login problem

8 years ago
Am building login session in coldfusion.
how do i directly prevent users from accessing success.cfm page by forcing the user to login again if he does
in other words they must login to access success.cfm page.



9 years ago
the code has been encrypted using md5 in another java class file called within the servlets. this jsp is just for testing. sql injection has been resolved using prepared statement, brute force attack has been resolved by validating login attempt. am just concern about how to tackle session fixation attack and session hijacking
9 years ago
i have a login code below in jsp.i will move it to servlets later. now with this code,

how will i prevent session fixation attack and session hijacking

9 years ago
can someone tell me what is wrong with this code.
it prints "Data Inserted Successfully" but does not insert the values to database

can someone tell me the problem with this applications
when i run it from url, it displays error

HTTP Status 404 - /world/formPage.jsp

type Status report

message /world/index.jsp

description The requested resource (/world/index.jsp) is not available.

it seems the problem is from either web.xml or dispatcher-servlet.xml




9 years ago
How do i protect a site against phishing attack. I know phishing occurs when trying to send
data using form action eg. action="buy.jsp". The attacker can remotely phish attack the form action to his own stealing.
Judging from this scenario, how can i protect it against phishing attack assuming the site is hosted on either Linux or Windows Servers


9 years ago
i tried deploying Hibernate application but it displays the error below

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/sf/ehcache/CacheException
I just added

to web-app/lib and set the path
it works
i tried to run a struts application but is like apache tomcat could not locate struts-config.xml file located at /WEB-INF directory,
so it displays error

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Cannot find ActionMappings or ActionFormBeans collection




contains form setters and getters

contains action codes
i need to upload image from browser to database
using struts

I set my setters and getters as follow

AM using prepared statement so i try this

but is no working.
so i equally try this but no progress

any help please