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Recent posts by Tacha Arnull

18. Which of the following are true about interpreting class diagrams from different perspectives?
a)Specification perspective class diagrams are developed without considering the programming language that might be used to implement it.
b)The conceptual perspective class diagram of an application would not include all the classes required and their details, rather, they would only identify domain classes.
c)In the conceptual perspective, associations represent relationships between classes, where as they represent responsibilities in the specification perspective.
d)Operations (the processes that a class knows to carry out) should be used in conceptual models to specify the interface of a class.
Select 2

A) specification looks at interfaces not implementation therefore it is not considering the language that might develop it.
b)conceptual perspective does not include all classes rather domain concepts
c) in conceptual diagram associations are relationships between classes, in specification associations do represent responsibilities.
d)operations should not be specified as not concerned with class interface in conceptual diagram
so I think a, b, c but the question only specifies 2 correct answers
I am having problems with a couple of the questions on the IBM site:
Referring to the sequence diagram in Figure Interaction, what methods MUST be implemented by the Account class?
a)withdraw, checkBalance
b)withdraw, log, checkBalance
c)withdraw, checkBalance, acknowledge
d)withdraw, acknowledge
Select 1

If you remember the diagram I believe the answer is a).
I think acknowledge is a return and not a method.
2. When creating a subclass, the:
a)selected superclass should be chosen because it has some methods the subclass can reuse, even if others do not apply.
b)class name should normally be a qualification of its superclass' name
c)subclass should be of the same type as all of its superclasses
d)superclass should be marked as abstract
Select 2
Here I have problems. I think the answer is just c but it says that I should select 2. I think a is wrong because a subclass inherits all methods and should be a subclass because those methods have some meaning. b is wrong because it doesn't matter what you call the subclass. d is wrong because a superclass does not have to be abstract.
Please help!
I am just learning UML and am currently reading the UML distilled book. I wondered if there is anybody else in the Charlotte area of North Carolina who would be interested in getting together to learn these new skills together?
THis is driving me nuts and I am sure it is really simple! If I have my servlet in jswdk-1.0.1/examples/web-inf/servlets which is mapped as http://localhost:8080/examples/servlet and I have a file in jswdk-1.0.1/webpages which I think is mapped as http://localhost:8080/
then how do I read my file. I have an xml file and I want to parse the contents but it simply is not working no matter how I try.
Please help!!!
21 years ago
PLease help I am driving myself insane with this. I have an applet that commuicates with a servlet to create a local xml file. A servlet should then be able to parse the xml file and pass it back to the applet to be displayed on the screen. My problem is this:
Using jsdk I do not know where to place the applet (i.e. which directory - so that it resides in localhost:8080/) but the parsing of the xml local file is perfect.
Using jswdk I know where to put the applet so that it communicates with the applet and everything is going great so far..... but everytime I try and use the parser I get big error messages although it is exactly the same servlet that I was using with jsdk.
I am stuck. Where do I place the applet in jsdk and why does the jswdk not recognise the parser???
21 years ago
These are great suggestions. I am also learning and would like to do a project.
21 years ago
Yes I am using Cocoon. I don't know of any other processor for xsp either. The server I am using is Tomcat. The problem I am finding is that there are very few examples of xsp anywhere. I have read and reread the Cocoon stuff and am getting there..... Which book are you using?
Has anybody been using xsp? I am trying to send information from a form using Javascript to an xsp page and then dynamically crete an html page. But I am having problems using getParameter() The form is created dynamically on the original Javascript page - is this where the problem is?
I am not sure if I am explaining this clearly. Does anyone know where I can find more information about xsp?
Hi I have just recently passed my Java 2 programmer certification and am intereste din taking the next step. I am interested in SCJD because it will really give me some hands on experience. However, what is the new Certified Enterprise Initiative all about. Is this going to take over from the Developer exam? Does anybody know? SUn seem to have put their weight behind this and the Architect exam. SO is it of more use to do these exams than the Developer exam? Please advise.....
Just passed with score of 86%. Was aiming for 90% but nevermind. I actually found a couple of the questions badly worded and English is my native langauge and I was an English teacher!! It was difficult to understand as there was no punctuation in a question that without punctuation could be interpreted in two ways!!
Still I would like to thank everyone here. Although I did not post much at all I read almost religiously every new comment etc. I have taught myself Java using the internet etc as my only resource. I am currently living in Chile and it has proved near impossible to either do the exam or buy books to help (the postal system mysteriously seems to lose anything more important than a postcard!!)
ANyway breakdown
I had about 3-4 questions IO no socket question
fill in the space questions were extremely clear as to what was needed.
Lots of Java fundamentals, overriding, overloading
3 - 4 exceptions
2 gridbag - very difficult one of them (you really need to know what each field does)
awt questions were clear
lots on == versus equals
thats all I can remember for now my mind is a blur!!!
The switch statement will look for a match and then execute all statements following that match until a break statement is encountered. i.e. if at the end of case 10: there was break; then the next case would not be executed
No but by "running" calling the gc then you are suggesting that items are garbage collected. ANd you can call the gc whenever you want