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Recent posts by sumedha rao

Hi friends,did you guys get the email regarding the live webinar on Java SE 7 on tuesday,the 25th of october,2011?It would be fun learning about the features,improvements and many other things included in Java SE 7.Those of you who have not recieved the mail regarding this program,can go to the link provided below to register yourself:
What's new in Java SE 7

10 years ago
atleast,finally i got a mail from sun-cert,i have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the reshipment of the certificate.Thanks a lot,thankx to everyone who has helped me to get through the process.Special thanks to @bhanu chowdary thankyou very very much!!

bhanu chowdary wrote:Hey, I got my certificate yesterday.

hey wow that's great news!!congrats!!after a long wait you've achieved it!!I'm happy for you i have just sent an email to mentioning all the required details of my exam, hope to get a reply and my certificate soon
Hey sorry for the late reply...Umm mail what?i have already contacted the pearson vue org through mail,but sadly no reply.What should i do?i am seriously getting frusted now.My scjp certificate had come within less than 45 days,i really don't know why on earth is it taking so much time for them to post the certificate.I checked the address and other details,everything provided is absolutely right!
60 days and still counting,will i ever get to see my scwcd certificate?someone please help me.Why on earth is it taking so much time?I really want my certificate,i am already getting impatient.
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11 years ago
@Vishwanath Krishnamurthi and Ankit Garg yes it is indeed a great idea to implement at the beginners level.@Nam Ha i have been looking out for such online freelance jobs,but none of my bids get selected thanks for your suggestions.
thanks for the help bhanu.I got the procedure.I'm still in the waiting period!
Hi friends,i had given the scwcd exam on july6th 2011,its been over a month now and i haven't received my certificate as yet.What should i do?please help!thanks!
Hi,i had passed the scwcd exam a few days ago,now thinking of putting my skills to use.Can you guys please help me out in deciding the project,as in what the project should be on?
blackberry facebook can be a quick fix for boredom while working!i said blackberry as many companies have facebook banned at workplace.
11 years ago
umm,hey preeti i can tell you about the best junk food corners,decent food i rarely eat,so have no idea...juhu beach or even shiv sagar outside juhu beach serve the best pav bhaji,besides the famous yoko sizzlers even urban tadka has got a good variety of sizzlers,then there is kirti college's vada pav,its just awsome and very famous,lucky restaurant in bandra west has the best biryani served(salman khan also comes there for biryani! ),karachi that is again in bandra west is known for the best chat..its just too good..yummy!!,juhu beach again is famous for its golasmdaam i just love it,then there is guru krupa at sion that is famous for samosa chole and last of all,raj bhog at khar west is good for unlimited thali,apparently it only serves thalis!
all these food corners mentioned are tried and tested by me,moreover m born and grown in mumbai,so trust me! ,Pop-Tates ah yes its good,even iv tried there.Good to know that so many of you at java ranch know soo much about mumbai,never expected this!
11 years ago