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Recent posts by Daniel Ross

I hope this is the right section.

I have been searching for examples, tutorials that can give step by step instructions on how to use JPA data in spring, however I didn't find anything so far.
Most of the examples are incomplete and I'm pretty new to spring.

Is it there any good example that shows how to use spring data jpa with maven possibly?

11 years ago
I have managed to make it work.

I'm going to post here what I've done so other can get some help out of it.

Apparently some folders were missing from my tomcat7 application so instead of installing it from the command line,I've unistalled it and downloaded a .gz version from the tomcat website.

After doing this, I extracted the tomcat7 folder and moved it to /usr/share/ - called it tomcat7
inside the folder, the backup folder is missing and when setting up tomca in eclipse it throughs an error because of the missing folder. To solve this I created the "backup" folder and copied all the files from the "conf" folder to the newly created one.

I set the settings in eclipse by going in the server properties>pressing "switch location" and this would change the location from "workspace" to the location of tomcat files.
Lastly, in eclipse>tomcat server in the configuration area I changed the option to "Use Tomcat installation, takes control of tomcat installation".

Also, go to the xml file tomcat-user and set manager-gui and other username and passwords(you can find the configuration online) and this will allow you to access the server-status,manager app etc.

Hope this helps
Thank you for moving the post to the appropriate section.

I have configured tomcat in order to fix problems that come along when trying to integrate it in eclipse and use wtp.

A couple of things I did are:
-when I set a new server using the wizard option in eclipse,I went to properties of the new server that was just created and switched the location from workspace to the appropriate dir(done automatically when the button is pressed). The I went to the configuration area and changed the option to "Use Tomcat installation, takes control of tomcat installation".

However none of this has worked so far so waiting for help about any other step I could take to solve the problem.

I hope someone can help me solve this problem I'm having with the software mentioned in the subject line.

I am using Ubuntu 12.10, have installed eclipse and also tomcat 7.

tomcat7 is situated in /usr/share/tomcat7

The problem I'm having is that tomcat isn't working.

At the beginning I was getting error 404 and in eclipse I was getting prompted with the following error when starting the server:

The error lenght is longer than what is shown above but is about files/directories missing.

I solved this problem by creating a backup folder in the required directory, and copy the files it was asking for.

Now in the console I get an error about tomcat not being able to read some log file; the server starts but when I go to localhost:8080, the page is blank.

Can someone tell me how I can solve this problem?

Thank you
Hello everyone

I am trying to work on this problem but really failing understand it properly, I mean I understood the concept but having trouble knowing how to apply it.
Basically I need to read senstences using character reader and then find output the how many times each words has occured in the sentece or sentences

Here is the code:

Now I have to implement the code in the class ReadOne but don't know how to do it.
I hope someone can provide some help
Thank you
11 years ago

This is the code I am using to save it in an array but with no success

First I made an instance of the UsedID class in an array

I, then stored the value in by calling that class in the same way as I done with the other values ,but in this case it's an array.

12 years ago
Hi yes I realized it and already change it .

Thanks for the info

I manage to separate the json file, so now I can show each token separately.
What I am trying to do is to to save the number of users and their details from the json string
Here is the user class I made

This class has all the variables, the string I want to get the data from has details such as when the file was created and all the users in that file.
I want to store the data in a way that it shows :
Completed in: times
query: the search query used
Number of users: integer
user id:
and then show the user two details
show the user 3 details etc....

How do I save it so that users are saved in an array calling the User class I have created.

Here is the code I am trying to make but I don't know how to continue:

[Edit]Hope you haven’t used line numbers; your comment was so long and difficult to read, that I divided it into 5 lines. CR[/edit]
12 years ago
Thank you for the reply.

If I put the code in the following way then it gives me an error on the first line

it doesn't give my any error if I put it in this way

Why so?
ps: @Bear sorry about it, I amended the name now.
12 years ago
Hi there,

I hope someone can help me out as I am really struggling for this.

Basically what I am looking for is to be able to extract data properly from a json file or string or object or anything else in that format.

I found many tutorials/guide but nothing that could help me really.

I can read a json url but once I have the content I want to properly separate it so I can display it in a more readable format.

How do I do this in java? and what is the best parser to do this?

Thank you
12 years ago
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and also to tomcat.
I have been trying and searching for 3 days and with no success and i have an assignment due in a week,reason why i wanted to setup tomcat at home so I can do some work at home.

I have installed jdk and I can deploy java files use the command javac filename.java
actually everything works perfectly in the university but at home I do have some problem which seems to come from some sort of wrong configuration.

I cant run servlets, I can run website which are in the folder ROOT but then i have a WEB-INF/classes/ folder which contains all the classes and the string to call them is
<form action="/servlet/AllStudents" method="get">

when i do this it says the requested resource is not available, how do it set my tomcat in order to read the classes inside the folder classes and call them using /servlet/name of the class ?

i hope someone can help

thank you

this is the error I get
type Status report

message /servlet/AllStudents

description The requested resource (/servlet/AllStudents) is not available.

i tried everything but nothing works
please help!
13 years ago