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Recent posts by senthil kumar m

now i'am able to view score report in pearsonvue site. thanks for the help .
Thanks very much for your response.i will try after two days.

Thank you very much for the response,

When i try to register in CertView of oracle,It says i need to verify my pearson account,

and I'm getting the error like "Second invalid attempt" and only one attemt is available while verifying by giving my testing id and other details, I'm confused, Please help me

I completed ocpjp 1.6 exam today in pearsonvue authorized centre in madurai ,, and passed with 93% and i did not get a score report from the centre,,

They told that, I need to create the Id in pearson site and also need to give the oracle testing id,

I have done that., but still after logging in to the site, in the recent appointments it is showing the certification name and centre details and status as taken.,

But i dont have any option to view the scores or results in that page, I need to send the score report to my manager, can somebody please help me how can i view the score reports?

Also i want to know when will i receive the certificate? Will it take sometime to get the results updated in the pearson site?

it is a struts project..

the filter configuration is as follows,

and the servlet mapping is as follows,

Here this filter will be executed for all action classes..right?? [have a slight doubt on that too ]

I planned to use it for checking the session informations..

is it a good practice?

can you post the situations whereever i can apply this effectively ?
11 years ago

mohanasundaram muthukannan wrote:Thanks for your reply

I tried this one . Its working . but entire form I cant validate . Any option to validate form?

Mohana sundaram.M

I'm glad, that code is working

Can you elaborate a bit more about your problem?
11 years ago

mohanasundaram muthukannan wrote:Hi Serrainat ,

Thanks for your reply .

but I need put session value in a text field.


but its not working. any mistake in this line please clarify me.

Mohana sundaram.M

The Same situation happened to me once and I tried the following...
->you try this,
11 years ago

Whenever i search in the internet for log4j, i got the sample property filr or configuration file, but did not get the tutorial on how to configure property file and xml file..

The official documentation of apache for log4j is not clear,

Can somebody post the link for log4j tutorials...?

When I was a newbie to struts, I used the "Struts Survival Guide - Basics to Best Practices" [ from the coderanch forum I found review about that book ]

Wonderful book for newbies.. Download it from

The following is the thread started by the book author..
11 years ago

Hrishikesh Maluskar wrote:Can we call two different methods based on the same action in Struts2.

The methods will be called when two different buttons are clicked , for example login button and register button are on the same JSP page.

When we click on login button doLogin() method should be called and when we click on register button doRegister() method should be called. can use DispatchAction . Extend the DispatchAction in your action class.

And also configure accordingly in struts-config.xml, have parameter="method" as Joe Said..

Read about struts DispatchAction.that will be helpful.
11 years ago
Hi ,

The following is the flow..


If I want to maintain the session,then I will write coding in execute method of MyAction,to put the datas in the session using request object. Is this way of handling the data is good?

or is there any other way to get the datas from jsp 1 to jsp 2,

is it possible to access the data from MyForm

Thanks for your time,

11 years ago
I used the findbugs,tool as you suggested , even it is showing some errors though I corrected those things ,the screen shot is below,

Why these errors appeared? Am I using the tools wrongly ?

The Code is Below

Thanks for your time.
Can somebdoy give me a hint about what is helper class , so that I can learn about that
I dont understand what is Helper Class? How can i apply that to my program?
after reading all the informations in this thread,I modified my code and below is my new code,

Please comment on this whether i can enhance this further,