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Mike Simmons wrote:

Vic Hood wrote:

Devaka Cooray wrote:

Maneesh Godbole wrote:I feel the best way to learn a new language is to start thinking in that language.



Well, sure. But how do you do that? It's not easy. If you can immerse yourself among speakers of that language, and be forced to use that language all the time - it will eventually happen. If you can travel back in time to when you were a kid, it's much easier. Young minds are more malleable and are wired to absorb new languages, much more than older minds. Start very early, if you can. But since most of us can't do that, it would be useful to have concrete advice as to how, specifically, to achieve the goal of thinking in a language. I don't have any particular advice here, beyond immerse yourself and practice. But if anyone does have specific, useful advice, it would be appreciated.

Thinking in another language is really not easy! I completely agree with you.
11 years ago
I haven't been here for some time. Thanks for all answers. I hava tried some methods you tells me, it has a good effect. Thanks for this forum, thanks all of you. I think we can be friends, I can learn English with you, if you want to learn Chinese, I also can teach you chinese,let's learn /java together.
11 years ago

Tim McGuire wrote:More power to you that you want to do this.
Multiply the sources for your English learning. Read, write, speak, listen, solve puzzles (like crosswords and cryptograms).

For example,

  • get some recordings of things that interest you. If you like comedy, get some Eddie Murphy tapes. A great friend of mine showed up on campus after learning English from Eddie Murphy tapes. If you like science fiction, get some audio books.
  • memorize some English songs and sing them
  • find an English speaker to either speak directly to or correspond with.
  • This forum is a great practice as it combines your two interests: Java and English. Ask and answer a lot of questions. If you are unsure about correct English in your post, look it up before your post.
  • You like Java, make a quiz in Java to test English spelling and grammar.
  • Here is an article about cryptograms for English learning: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1751076/brain_teasers_deciphering_cryptograms.html?cat=2

  • thank you very much! good suggestion s!
    11 years ago

    Muse Ran wrote:Dai ,

    Stop liking Java and start liking English. Automatically your English Proficiency will improve.. all the best

    Thank you,your means that I should concentrate on learning English first?It is not a feasible way for me.
    I just want find some ways to improve my english effectively such as the Greg Charles's gives me.
    Maybe my english is so poor that I can not express it accurately.
    11 years ago
    Where are you from,Are you a native speaker of English?
    11 years ago

    Maneesh Godbole wrote:I feel the best way to learn a new language is to start thinking in that language. The natural tendency is to think in one's mother tongue or whatever language one is comfortable with and then translate.

    There is a large differece between chinese culture and western.
    If I follow your way to do that,it will become Chinese English.
    11 years ago

    Saurabh Pillai wrote:Are you using any translator s/w to post here? Because your English is not that bad.

    yeah,i used.And maybe my English is better than your point of view.
    but it's still difficult to reading an English book for me.
    11 years ago

    Greg Charles wrote:Hmm, I'd never heard of Wren and Martin, but apparently it was a grammar book targeting families of British officers stationed in India. There's nothing wrong with studying grammar of course, but I don't think it's the best way for a beginner to get up to speed in a new language. Concentrate on communication. Find people you can practice English with, preferably in real life, but also online. Try finding things you enjoy that also let you learn English, like watching movies, TV shows, or reading comic books. Speak English to yourself during down time. For example, "Now I'm driving to school. There's a big truck in front of me. That building is painted red." Using a language is the key to learning it.

    your give me lots of good suggestion,some of them i have already used.such as watching movies, TV shows, or reading,maybe what i do is not enough.when i read a english book i will be stopped by the new words.
    I never communicated with my friends in English,i feel that is difficult for me also for my friends.
    11 years ago

    Vic Hood wrote:Well I guess you should start off buying a Wren and Martin guide for English . Your passion for java shouldnt be hampered by a language barrier .

    Thank you for your suggestion.but I'd never heard of the book either,if it just like Greg Charles said,i think the book isnot the best for me.
    I have passion to java,but i dont hava passion to English,i think learning English is a Painful thing.
    11 years ago
    I'm a Chinese,I like programming,I like java.but my English is poor,yon know,lots of good books and papers are written by English.Now,English has became the resistance to me.
    How can I improve my English?please give me some suggestions,i need your helps.
    11 years ago

    Bear Bibeault wrote:

    colin wang wrote:JSP will be translated into servlet.

    That is an implementation detail that has no bearing on when JSPs should be used and when servlets should be used.

    Tianrong Dai wrote:your means that servlet can do everything what jsp can do?

    Not really. JSPs can use mechanisms such as the JSTL, EL, custom tags, tag files, and other mechanisms geared towards creating views. Mimicking these in a servlet would not only be difficult, but foolish.

    oh,i see,thank you very much.
    11 years ago

    colin wang wrote:

    Tianrong Dai wrote:What's the difference between servlet and jsp, who can tell me in simple words?

    JSP will be translated into servlet.

    your means that servlet can do everything what jsp can do?
    11 years ago

    David O'Meara wrote:Servlet is designed to do processing but not display, JSP designed to do display but not processing.

    thank you!
    11 years ago
    What's the difference between servlet and jsp, who can tell me in simple words?
    11 years ago