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Recent posts by Matthew Raw

Rahul Sudip Bose wrote:Can you tell me how much time it took to prepare for the exam ? Did you use any other books to prepare for the exam ?

Thank you, Rahul. I think I already mentioned it - it took me about 5 months and I've been learning intensively. About books - I used only HFSJ + spec + javadoc. Before the exam, I think that I have memorized HFSJ completely + the Enthuware simulator also helped as the topics in the simulator were somewhat more broad that HFSJ.
11 years ago
11 years ago
Thank you Bahtiyar :-)
11 years ago

Bahtiyar Tashov wrote:
Hi Rene,

Congratulations!!! Did You write a letter to Oracle about your problem? Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem with CertManager. I've passed WCD 29 April 2011 with the same result - 98%


Hi Bahtiyar,
yes, I wrote a letter to Oracle and after few days, they fixed it (they manually changed my status to 'certified' in CertManager). I suggest you to write them, that you already have OCPJP and they should fix it.
11 years ago
It depends. If you can do all the mock test on first attempt with 95%, then you are definitely ready to take the exam. However, if you take the same test, say, three times and you have 95% on the third attempt, then it means that you have just memorized the answers. The best way to pass the certificate is to study hard some good book (e.g. K&B), without taking the mock tests and when you feel comfortable, you may start with the mock tests. Some mocks are harder then others - for example, if you have a stable score in ExamLab around 60% on the first attempt for all the tests, then you are ready for the real exam (and it may even look quite simple, after passing ExamLab).
To summarize, you should really be comfortable with all the exam topics before taking the real exam.
Hope that helps.
11 years ago
Thank you Abhay and Paul.

Now I finally received a mail from Oracle, that I'm certified - the problem with SCJP/OCPJP is resolved
11 years ago
Thanks guys.
It is strange, that my status in CertManager is still "enrolled" and I have not received any confirmation mail from Oracle :-( Now when I click on this certificate in Certification progress, I see that I still have to complete some of the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam But I already have the OCP Java SE 6 certificate! I will write to Oracle what is happening. The OCPJP6 is identical to SCJP6, isn't it?
11 years ago
Hi all,
today I passed the OCPWCD exam with score 98%. I have prepared for about 5 months. I have used HFSJ (great book), specification+javadoc, my own little programs and Enthuware (great exam simulator). The exam was quite similar to Enthuware (regarding the difficulty and the form of asking the questions), so I would definitely recommend it and I'm looking forward to Enthuware for the new JEE6 JSP & Servlet Developer exam.
I wish you the best with your certifications! :-)
11 years ago
Hi Pedro, great idea - do you know how to create such a wiki site? I will write you a PM about the quiz.
Pedro, thanks for posting these good news. Because we can expect the exam topics soon, it is very probable that there will be an update of the book by Charles Lyons (I asked him about whether he will rewrite the book for the new exam and he replied that he wants, but only after the objectives will be specified in more detail).
Yes, I bought the Enthuware for JEE 5, but haven't taken any test yet - now I read the Servlet 3.0 specifications and I'm very enthusiastic about it. I experiment in Eclipse Helios, which has fine support for Tomcat 7.0 (although I rather use NetBeans for my own programming and IDEA at work) and it is very quick and pleasant to create new servlets or filters with proper annotations, so one is not bored by deploying the whole web-app using only Notepad and Total Commander.

I also started to create my own quiz focused only on the new Servlet 3.0 features, for my own learning purposes. I want to create about 30 or so questions aimed directly on web fragments, asynchronous processing and annotations (now I have about 20 questions complete). I wonder if I should make it available for public - maybe it would help somebody, or maybe that the quiz would not be good at all
Congratulations! Great score
11 years ago