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Recent posts by Asha Fernandes

Very well said Bhagwan !!
You may be right about Essay not being part of grading since they have said it so!(implicitly)
I did not have any problems with the question, but In the Essay exam I did contradict my self at one point and I realized right after I left the prometric centre and this is why waiting for the results was the hardest and longest time for me, as I was worried that they may fail me. Well I did pass, however, I did loose 10 marks in component diagram and it beats me!.
So I think you are right, Essay is just an Essay to verify you did the assignment yourself,
So Howie just relax, I am sure everything will turn out just fine.
Hi Greg,
My component diagram included JAR, WAR and EAR components. Since I had included some webtier classes in my class diagram I could show WAR component in my component diagram.
There is a book called Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML by Khawar Zaman Ahmed and Cary E. Umrysh (Forword by Grady Booch). This books has some pretty good samples on Component diagram. Overall this is a pretty good high level book for J2EE applications.
Hope this helps.
Hi Anil.
I did buy a very thick book on EJB first, that covered all the version, but at the end I like the J2EE blueprints the best. I also referred to Designing Enterprise application for J2EE by Sun..
I think you can access the book online, but I bought it because I am a bed time reader.
I referred to Together's online tutorial for uml and also a book. But I also have experience in creating design documents specially the class diagrams and sequence diagrams, that also helped.
But in fact there are a lot of resources on internet, you can easily refer to those instead of buying all these books because these books are pretty darn expensive and not to mention how fast they get outdated.
Hope this helps.
Hi Jim
You can add non functional requirements in the diagram by using the comment symbol. I did make a good use of that. In fact I tried my best that my diagram be self explanatory and assessor does not have to read my design overview documents.
Hi Jim,
Part III will be a piece of cake if you have done the assginment all by yourself. They ask you very generic J2EE architect related questions that basically apply to any J2EE application architecture. These questions will definitely be applicable to your assignment as well.
Question will be like Why did you decide to do this and why not that and how does your application handle certain aspect.
You should not have to worry about it at all.
But one word of caution, your answers should be consistent with what you submit in your assignment.
Hope this helps
Hi Anil.
My advice for Part II is same as most of other people have already said and, that, is keep it simple.
They have changed the distribution just this month.
I had about 28-30 classes in my diagram, off which 22 or so were for EJB tier and remaining for web-tier. First I did not want to include web tier at all, then I decided to go for it becuase I thought it explains my architecture much better.
You can add comments in the diagram where ever possible that will save the assessor from having to read the documents.
Component Diagram was a bit tricky for me because so far I have not really seen a standard way of drawing component diagrams, and different uml tools work differently in regards to component diagrams. Plus I did not really understand Sun's expectation on this one.
My sequence diagram was not very detailed either, i just included the major flow of messages between objects.
Before I actually got started on the assignment, It took almost three weeks to put pieces together in my head, I must have changed solutions a no of times before I could finalize on what i was going to do. It needs a lot of patience too.
Don't get frustrated a lot in the beginning, because you are going to need it when you get to the sequence diagram, now it will frustrate you even more because they have lowered the score too.
Hope this helps.
All in all, it has been a good experience doing this architect certification.
Today I got my results for Part II and III and I passed with 86%. Sun has changed the marks distribution
Class Diagram - 41/44
Component Diagram- 34/44
Seq Diagram - 11/12
I thank this group for all the help and information I could make use of. This also motivates me to do more certifications.
Thanks a Lot
Not a lot of details just enough to know what are those, when and how to use them
HTTP and HTTPS (HTTP+SSL) are very important.
also when to use RMI and RMI-IIOP
Hope this helps
Thanks to all of you guys who have said nice and encouraging things.
You are right , I shouldn't feel disappointed.
After all, in terms of hours I only spent like 45-50 hrs tops on preparing for this exam.I, for the most relied on experience to help me. In fact it did. I should enjoy it.
I am not a Fernandez turned into a Fernandes. I am a Fernandes.
Thanks to all of you again
You will not find a whole lot on Architect.
There are somes sites that has some UML, Legacy Connectivity, security questions.
and another one site
Off course there are ibm tests no 483 and 486 that have questions on UML and J2EE connectivity.
These test have different objectives than Sun's Architect exams, so some questions may be out of scope.
You may find some more sites here and there, but one word of caution, some answers may not be right.
Hope this helps
Hi Fozan,
No there were no EJB 2.0 related questions.
I don't think Sun is planning to revise this course before end of March or so.
(Checkout scea_j2ee group on yahoogroups for Mark Cade's messages)
Every other question in the test was a scenario question either on How to architect, what security , protocol, legacy connectivity, what bean or simplify interaction between beans
It was kind of hard sometimes to read the whole question/requirements and connect the pieces together and select the right answer/solution.
Considering all that I am not that disappointed with my score.
I need to correct something.
I got 66% in J2EE applicability and not 60%
Today I passed the SCEA Part -I exam with 70%
(I know The score is not that impressive).
I got 100% in Security, Protocols, Messaging and
Internationalization. That made me happy.
80% design patterns,
77% EJB
60% Legacy Connectivity
60% J2EE applicability
50% EJB container Models (Don't know what the hell happened here !!)
50% common architectures and concepts( damn!)
prepared for it for about 5 weeks in total.

Thanks for the all the help I got from this site.
Asha Fernandes
Today I passed the SCJP exam with 74%(So I am not a genuine cowboy!!). It was my first attempt.
I want to thank you,the Java Ranch team for that. I had prepared for the exam for exactly one month and since last 2 weeks, I had been practicing Rules Round up everyday.
So Thank you very very much
Asha Fernandes
20 years ago