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Hi all,
Thanks for all of your responses

It would be better design if you have to operations corresponding to messages for single endpoint.

Sorry Shivendra, I couldn't understand it properly I guess, did you mean

if you have two operations

And Ivan, I feel your suggestion is good one. In my case the request are as following:

I use a single endpoint to handle both the requests. And the second request depends on the response for the first.
So I am planning to have two separate request messages, in this case.

The point of confusion for me was that if, an endpoint should see only a request and send a response (I wanted to know if there are any specifoc design conventions). In such a case my requests should have looked like

So how should I go head in this scenario ?

Thanks to all,

13 years ago

I am designing a web service which supports two kinds of requests.
So I am wondering how would I design the request messages.

Consider the case as a web service that provides online messaging service.

Here the requests would be :
1. ListOfOnlineUsers_Request
2. MessageUpload_Request

These would be handled by a single 'endpoint' (By the way, I am using spring web service framework).
So here I will end up having two request messages in the WSDL. Now I am worrying if I should have had a single request tag type
wrapping around each request and they will be un-wrapped at end point.

Hope this is clear enough.

13 years ago