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srikesh krishnan kutty

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since Dec 12, 2010
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Recent posts by srikesh krishnan kutty

Hai All

I get this error while compiling my java code package skk doesnot exist
import skk.MyClass;
^ cannot find symbol
symbol: class MyClass
class OtherClass extends MyClass{}

i have two seperate files and

the code in them are as follows :
package skk;
public class MyClass{}

package kkk;
import skk.MyClass;
class OtherClass extends MyClass{}

Can anyone please help me out with this !!!

Why is it compulsory that the name of the java file must match the name of the public class ??
I read this in SCJP for java 6 study guide . I will look into the link added by you
Just read it that after the first character the identifiers can contain any combination of letters,currency characters,connecting characters or numbers. Don't know if # comes into this four categories or not. I am confused about this 'Connecting characters' part !!!
[color=blue]Hi all

I am new to java, can anyone please tell me why the identifier int e#; is illegal .. the way i see it is that it starts with a character ,which is valid and after that a identifier can contain anything .Please let me know if i am wrong .Waiting for your Valuable comments[/color]