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Recent posts by Devika Sivaraman

Congratulations!!! planning to give the certification in near future. Your post will be helpful to prepare.

7 years ago

Difficultly rate is the same as Enuthware s/w but the tricky point is the long questions with many variable some relavent while others are not required. So be careful while reading as well as choosing the choice.
My Mock exam scores:

Test 1 70%
Test 2 82%
Test 3 88%
Test 4 72%
Test 5 86%
Test 6 76%
Test 7 86%
Test 8 91%
Test 9 84%

Good Luck
7 years ago

-> There were no questions either of Customs tags nor simple tags.
-> 15-20% questions on servlet 3.0
-> Take at least five days for the mock exams, do the imp 2 mocks on the last day and analyze more on the mistakes you make.
-> Though the questions on the mock are very small, expect big one on the exam.

Please let me know if you need any more info.
Good Luck
7 years ago
Thanks a ton, have just followed your guide lines and post, passed OCEWCD exam with 94%.
7 years ago
Have passed OCEWCD with 94%, feel so relieved after giving the exam.It took 1 month of rigorous preparation.
References I used for my preparation are

1. Head First Servlets and JSP - 2nd Edition(read it twice page to page) and lot of coding.
2. Followed the guide lines given by Benjamin Davies post -
3. Servlets 3.0 Spec thought initially couldn't understand every bit of it. But after doing some mock exams from Enuthware and Exam Simulator by Piotr Nowicki it was very easy to follow.
4. Enthuware S/w - again a must for preparation.

Few questions in the exam were tricky and most of it were lenghty, need patience and attention to read and answer it accordingly.
Final exam in the Enthuware and the mock exam in HFSJ is a must on the last day for sure will get quite a good amount of questions similar to it.

The only mistake I have done was not to read JSP 2.2 spec. Missed 2 question related to it in the real exam.

Thanks Enthuware S/w again.

7 years ago
Thanks a ton for this forum, helped me in giving the right information at one place. I took 1 month to prepare for this exam.
Having a career break for 3 years , decide to start over again with Java 7 upgrade certification.

Resources I referred:
1) Java SE 7 Programming Essentials- Excellent book to understand the Java concepts(esp for people like me who are new), after reading this book just fell in love with Java once again.
2) Java SE 7 Programmer Exams by SG. Ganesh and Tushar Sharma
3) Enthuware Mock Exams- though initially I was very reluctant to buy this. As the price tag was low , had second thought about the quality. But after reading the feedback from this forum went ahead and got(best decision made).

I would say it a must to have Enthuware s/w for this exam. Chapter wise questions then the 3 mock exams. Plus point is you can gauge your weak areas and work on it.

Thanks a lot for Enthuware s/w.
8 years ago