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Shamsudeen Akanbi

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Recent posts by Shamsudeen Akanbi

Thank you Stephan, I think it does. I'm actually following a tutorial so I may not actually know what exactly.
This is a snapshot.. How do I go about it?
7 years ago
I'm trying to follow a tutorial to learn JavaEE. I'm using glassfish as a server with Eclipse Luna. However, I have an issue when I need to use an annotation called @ApplicationScoped. A red squiggly line appeared under it and a comment appears when I hover over it that "ApplicationScoped cannot be resolved to a type". What can I do?
7 years ago
Welcome Herb, It's nice to see a book like this here. I'll be so proud to own one. Welcome again.
8 years ago
A very big congratulations to David. Seriously, your Haiku was awesome and it was a well chosen one as Adam said. Thanks for the Cow Tim, and I really hope there will be more stuffs like this in the future... JavaRanch was much more fun for that!
Hi Tim, if the winner has been chosen, Won't you post it here?

Dexterous paws knitting
basket full of Haskell
basking in its wholesomeness

Voracious cats set upon
Erlang and ate
In bliss, they chewed recursion

Cats are playful
Erlang's pure functions are useful
Their combination is beautiful

Even the cats meow
at the rise of Erlang's bough
surely, lofty heights are attained strough.

A nimble cat
been powered with the ability of recursion
scribbled carefully the most alluring snippets.

Praise bounteous
providence if you will
that grants even a cat, to perceive lambdas!

Welcome Kenneth,Mark, Dan and Diana... we're glad to have you all here at the Ranch!
8 years ago
Welcome Sam Newman, we're happy to have you here at the Ranch!
8 years ago
Welcome Girish, Ganesh and Tushar... I'm happy you're here. I love it's summary on Amazon. I really wish to win it... Hoping to be part of the lucky ones! Welcome once again guys!
Welcome Simon.... Really looking forward to winning this book!
Hi Anne and Zak, can you give a description of how your book approaches web development? I've read several books but it all seems to get tangled when I get to the middle. There are some features I expect find. These features I know might need to be done with plugins from third parties. I rarely see a book that references the libraries or expose the capability beyond the personal approach of the authors. In programming textbooks, API's are been stressed. How can I come up with a slide show feature on my site? How do I provide user authentications or orchestrate dashboards? Can it just come up as an example?
Welcome to the ranch (Zak and Anne), we appreciate your time!
I also use SublimeText2. Microsoft's WebMatrix is also quite cool and very free!