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Recent posts by Rajukpo kumar

Hi Anirban,

Thanks for your reply...

I followed the way that i mentioned below.

10 years ago
Hi Krishnan,

You got any example regarding same..?

It will be very helpful if you could share that if so.

10 years ago
Hello All,

May i know why this error is coming...?

I am using netbeans and weblogic. I am getting this error many times, 5-6 times a day. And whenever error occurred IDE will be strucked without any response.
So it is wasting my time a lot.

Any help!!!

10 years ago
Hi chris,

Thanks for your reply,

I am sure that pl/sql function having the paramters not mandatory. But what if that pl/sql function is having a kind of bind variables(eg, :ABC in above example).

That too the pl/sql functions will not be readily available in the database. In the java code, pl/sql functions will be generated instantly for which function body will get as a text from the database which may contain bind variables, then generated pl sql functions will be called by passing SqlParameterSource object(java one) as a parameter while executing the pl/sql function.

Probably the SqlParameterSource object will replace bind variables with corresponding values at the time execution. This should give the effective performance.

While doing that i am getting exception as i mentioned earlier.

Help needed!!

Anyway thanks again for your reply.

Hello All,

I would like to execute a pl/sql function which contains bind variables. The pl/sql Function will return one varchar value.

I have the list of bind variables and associated values. So that i can create a MapSqlParameterSource object in java and pass it as parameter while calling a executing a function.

Currently i am using SimpleJdbcCall in spring to execute the pl/sql function.

Pl sql function sample is here.

I am getting exception like:
UncategorizedSQLException: CallableStatementCallback; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [{? = call SQL_FUNCTION1()}]; SQL state [99999]; error code [17041]; Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1

Any help!!


Hi all,

We are using Oracle with PL/SQL.
I am using an anonymous blocks to get the data. I need to run about four different select queries and be able to navigate through it. It will have to have loops within loops. I did a similar thing in Java and i just assigned all the results to a Vector (or I suppose an array could also have worked), iterate through it with a loop (iterate through a different resultset within this loop) and then do some checks.

QUESTION: How do I navigate through the results (in SQL) after I ran the query? I read somewhere about cursors, but is this the only way? I see that all don't recommend it. If I should use a cursor, how does it work. What is the syntax, etc?

Any help..?


First i have used the connection pooling so that it reduces the time to 3 seconds less. But still it is slow.

Then the main reason behind time taking is: the java application and database are residing different servers. So i placed application and database in same server either in local or remote.

Now the time of executing the query is less than 0.4 sec.

Thanks all for your replies.
Thanks jan for quick reply..

I have timed the java code processing time.. but it is very fast..
Only at jdbctemplate query method it is taking more time to execute and populate whole data...

Please provide me a solution which would be great help for me..


I am using spring jdbctemplate to fetch the records from oracle database.

But it is taking too long time to execute a simple select query.
The query which is having 400 records is taking around 12 to 15 seconds. I am using json to retrieve that data.

But if i execute same query in toad, response time is less than 1 second.
I am using java jdbcTemplate.query(sql, params, RowMapper object) and each record will have only 4 values.

I tried in following ways:

* using simpleJdbcTemplate object
* plain statement object
* changing driver class from BasicDataSource to c3po in bean configuration.

But i cant able to reduce the response time to 2 seconds less atleast.

Please help which will be greatly appreciated...

Thank you.