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Abhilash Sharma wrote:Thanks for replying Joe.But,if one wants to go with global trend then which one's should be selected,so that it their should be no wastage of time

hi abhilash.there is nothing that "wastage of time" if you learn any new technology. if you learn one webframefork perfectly it doesnt take much time to learn other.and there is no guarantee in companies that they use only one webframework for any client project. depends on requirement.once you step into company you may and have to things depending on the issues you are confusion. you can start with spring webmvc or even struts because few companies go for struts and few go for spring web mvc.differs project to project.spring is used for both webapplications and windows applications where as struts is used only for your requirement states which is correct.All the best !! learn any webframework happily and enjoy its benefits.
9 years ago
Thanks JOe for your reply. This is my struts configuration file. can you please tell me my errors' root cause:

9 years ago
Hello I am facing the following error
please help me to sort out my problem:

the below is my code where I am trying to insert data from struts applicaiton to oracle data base.

I am using struts 1.3.x,oracle 11g,tomcat 7
9 years ago
thanks shailesh prob with struts config got rectified
9 years ago
Thankyou could rectify my error. I need to start the oracle server from services.msc when it is in disabled mode. then could connect my application to database.
Hello i wrote small struts application connecting to oracle database using connecting pooling with tomcat 7,when i run my application I am facing the following error:

And below is my struts configuration file. Please help me where my mistake is..
9 years ago
Thankyou Rob for your quick reply.

I have struts code, but not sure where to post my code either in struts forum or jdbc.. need help please
Hello can any one please help in sorting out the problem.I am trying to connect to oracle (11g) data base from my struts application. And facing the following wrror:

what could be my mistake. please suggest me
Hello .I am facing the following error when trying to insert values from my struts application into oracle database table.please help me to sort out the problem:

Thanks in advance

I request anyone to please suggest me whether is there any JQUERY plugin that can create ,edit ,delete the table rows dynamically using single script without taking the field names.for instance i have seen datatables that can create edit and also delete the records but they take the id or name of the table field,that makes my script pricise to only one form ,suppose if i have 300 forms(for instance) what do i need to do in order to access all the tables' (with different number of fields) data for creating new user/account(for example) editing the details and also deleting the row.
Please suggest me. following link is an example where i can access only for one table but i am not getting an idea how do i apply a single script for multiple tables .sorry for such a long query.

@Chinmoy Nag:
some of the JAR files you have already added .but anyways I am listing. But please check because I am not sure this could rectify the problem,expecting..

please try to add the following JAR files (of required folder of Hibernate 3):

1) ..\hibernate-3.6.5.Final-src\lib\required\antlr-2.7.6.jar

Also please add the following JAR file "..\hibernate-3.6.5.Final-src\lib\jpa\hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.0.Final.jar" from "jpa" folder of Hibernate 3
.. please verify the "required"and "jpa" folder you can find all the above JAR files and try to add them.
@Chinmoy Nag.

try to add all the six JAR files of required folder of Hibernate 3(as you are using that version), i think some JAR files are missing like "...\required\javassist-3.12.0.GA.jar" etc. I am not sure that this might be the solution but please try to add all six JAR files also copy and paste <!DOCTYPE..> element from predefined examples instead of manual typing according to the version you are using.
hope this is also helpful , you need to use "UploadBean" class and try like this by modifying your code:

the above is one the ways where we can upload the pictures and documents..
10 years ago
hi ..

why don't you use : the following packages .. (need to download seperately -not present in jdk software they belongs to javazoom api , used for file uploading and downloading)
but before that you need to use struts.jar,cos.jar,uploadbean.jar(please set the JAR files in CLASSPATH,please don't forget)
and try to use :

and follwoing package import statements:

Please try with above.. If I am wrong , please correct me..
10 years ago