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Greetings Ranchers,
Firstly, thanks to you all for the great and educative forum discussions and information.
This forum and the following information sources helped me to pass the certification exam:
1. The EJB 3.1 Specification - The most complete and accurate source of my EJB 3.1 knowledge
2. Study notes by Ivan Krizsan - Thanks a lot, I enjoyed reading your book
3. I read some new topics about EJB 3.0 from EJB 3 in Action - The book is easy to read

Because of my personal interest in Enterprise Software Development and work requirements, I decided to read more than I needed for the certification exam. The process went as follows:
I got my Introduction to EJB 2.0 from:
- Head First EJB - I recommend this book for folks without prior EJB knowledge
- Special edition using Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 - I recommend this book for folks moving on to intermediate EJB knowledge

Afterwards I ended up reading:
- Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development - I recommend this book for folks with experience looking for best practices in development of complete and professional JEE solutions. This is a an excellent book even though it is based on EJB 2.0 spec, the wisdom in it is everlasting. Note that this book is not suitable for beginners.
- I did a lot of practice and mock exams from different books, one of them is SCBCD Exam Study Kit: Java Business Component Developer Certification for EJB. This book gives a concise introduction to the SCBCD exam based on the EJB 2.0 specification. It also contains concise notes, questions and answers at the end of every chapter.

Note: EJB has evolved quite much since the release of the first specification. I recommend studying it according to one's needs, In my case, for example, I needed to study for Java EE 6 EJB Developer Certified Expert Exam - 1Z0-895 (EJB 3.1), but I read the above mentioned books out of interest and work requirements.

Best wishes Ranchers
8 years ago
Thanks Ron,
Its amazing, how much knowlege you can get from this certification and this forum.
8 years ago
Greetings Ranchers,
I passed the OCMJD certification (368/400). I used this forum to find clues and answers to most questions I had during the certification process.
Special thanks to :
Roberto Perillo for the wonderful intros:
- database file reader: dbfile-reader
- locking test samples: locking
- OCMJD intoduction and best practices:ocmjd-paper-roberto-perillo.pdf
Andrew Monkhouse: For the very pragmatic book, complete with all you need to prepare and pass the OCMJD certification:scjd-book

To those Ranchers who still have not yet decided on which certification to take after OCJP, I think OCMJD is a very wonderful certification in which you will learn more and apply a great deal of what you learned in OCJP certification.

Since my results took about 3 months to come I already started preparing for OCBCD certification.

Thanks everybody
8 years ago
Thanks Sean, very good plan. True, I'll use the forum to get the community's ideas. Could you share the retired assignment you mentioned? I'd like to just have a look.
Hi Roel,
Thanks, I think I'll read the book, do the sample assignment then purchase the Oracle assignment.
Greetings! I'm a new member of the JavaRanch family. I just got SCJP Java 6 certified 23.02.2011. I have bought and started reading Andrew's book about SCJD. I have a question, should I purchase the assignment from Oracle before finishing to read the book or maybe its better that I complete reading the book first?