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HTTP Status 404 - /Structs-Doc-2/Login.jsp
6 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

Matthew Brown wrote:It might help if you actually told us what the error was.

"Type mismatch: cannot convert from Iterator to ObjToIntMap.Iterator" this is Error
8 years ago

Paul Clapham wrote:And also what the context is. I assume that you're asking about a web application of some kind, but you posted this in JDBC (where it clearly doesn't belong) so maybe it isn't. I'm going to take a guess and move it out of JDBC anyway.

this Program to upload the file. Related to Servlet program.

8 years ago

In above code why I am getting error at line 02,03,04.?
8 years ago

1. When I am Connection with Mysql its is working fine.
2. But In case of Oracle10 it is giving Problem Even though result Set is of Updatable type.

java.sql.SQLException: Invalid operation for read only resultset: moveToInsertRow
at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBError.throwSqlException(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.BaseResultSet.moveToInsertRow(
at com.p14.test.main(

Please someone go through it.. Thanks In advance...
I was going through java8 new features in that i found Defender method my question is:

Why concrete method is allowed in interface by declaring with default ? and what is the use of it? In abstract class also concrete method as well as abstract method is allowed and in interface then what will be the diffrence between abstract class and interface?

Thanks in Advance!!!
8 years ago
Q. No two equals instance exist : a.equals(b) if and only if a==b. If a class make this guarantee,then its client can use == instead of the equals(Object) method which may improved performance. How?
10 years ago
Q. On which sorting Algorithm Collections.sort() and Arrays.sort() has been implemented ? I have gone through the java specification but I did't understand. Thanks in Advance.
10 years ago
Q1. How to make StringBuffer class Immutable class.?
10 years ago
Thanks Matthew Brown Its really nice Example ....I was thinking my Question is very good like one of ranchers said. But after seeing your example its really nice example .. Thanks.
10 years ago
I don't have any such type of requirement but its has been asked in interview... I have asked the same question..
10 years ago
Matthew Brown]Why don't you want to declare it abstract?

The only reason not to declare it abstract is if you want to be able to instantiate it. But in that case you need to implement every method in the interface - what happens if someone calls that method, and there's no body? So no, it's not possible.

If you have a genuine case where it makes sense to implement one method and not the other, then that means your interface is badly designed, and it should be split so the methods are in more than one interface. That way you can implement only the ones that make sense.

I did't understand ...
10 years ago
Thanks Matthew Brown ...
10 years ago

Q. From Interface can I use only one method in sub-class and I don't want to declare subclass as a abstract.. Is it possible if yes then how ? please help me out...

10 years ago
Q. Can I clone String Object if yes then How ?
10 years ago