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Recent posts by gaurav gupta sitm

why single semicolon compile ?
what is the use of single semicolon statement in java ???

Output : SubMainClass version

in this program , how compiler perform selection of method call ???

Thanks ,
Thanks David .....

Output : BAC

why output is BAC instead of ABC ???/

assignment operator means "="
assignment expression means b=true
The output of b=true ( assignment expression ) is the value of the b ( variable ).

Output : 4
a value must be increased from 4 to 5 , but why it is not increased ???
Water bottle is allowed in SCJP Testing Center or not ???

How many objects are created ?
String[] args is counted or not ?
is there any method in java by which we can get "How many objects are created in current program" .........

why above program shows bye 2 followed by ConcurrentModificationException
but below program compile fine

main purpose of wrapper class and its method are to convert ---
1) primitive values in object => Integer.valueOf(42)
2) object in primitive values => xxxValue()
3) String to wrapper object => Integer.valueOf("42")
4) wrapper object to String => new Integer(42).toString()
5) primitive values in String => Integer.toString(42)
6) String in primitive values => parseXxx()

Integer range:
min: -2147483648
max: 2147483647

why line 1 shows false
what is the difference amongst <?> , <? extends Object> and <Object>